Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday with Southern Living at HOME: Bathroom project

Happy Saturday y'all! Are you ready for our SLAH Saturday? I bet you were beginning to think that I had forgotten about our little home improvement project. In reality, I had ordered some things to complete the project and I was waiting for them to get here before doing the big reveal!

Remember this?

We hired someone to tear all those little fishies off the wall, scrape the popcorn off of the ceiling and paint our laundry room/bathroom a lovely shade of Sherwin-Williams "Yarrow".

SO much better! I have some ideas for this side of the room - the design wheels are turning...

We were more than a little concerned about this color when it first went on the walls. There was a LOT more orange in it than the paint chip told. I was hoping that once I started adding the accessories I had collected for this room that it would tone it down a bit. I think it has! I wanted chocolate brown for the towels and rugs - it's a mud room for heavens sake! But it also needs to be cheery enough to keep me motivated on laundry, AND the dogs call this "their" room. LOTS going on in here - it is the first room we enter and it is visible from the kitchen and dining room.

I have used the Estate bathroom collection in here. In this picture above I have used the following Southern Living at HOME products:
  • Estate Towel bar Item #40798
  • Galveston tray Item #41083
  • Estate Wall organizer Item #40797
  • Estate Canister Item #41069
  • Ornate Iron two-tiered stand Item #41145
  • Covington Accent tray Item #41150
  • Villa stoneware Salad Plates Item #41176
I made the cross stitched picture of the deer for my Handsome Prince.

The shower curtain was our inspiration piece and I really love it. It is a reproduction of a Terry Redlin painting called "The Birch Line". In this photo you also can see the Estate hand towel stand (item #40799). I created a little cell phone charging center using the Estate Vanity tray (item 41161).

Doesn't that ceiling look CLEAN! I love it! Found both of these light fixtures on clearance at Lowe's.

The mirror that was above the sink was very loose and almost fell off of the wall when they were tearing off the wallpaper. Since they had to take it down anyway, I asked them to just leave it down and paint the wall above the sink. I had a plan!

This Medallion mirror (item #41003) looks PERFECT in here! This is what I have been waiting on before showing reveal pictures. LOVE IT!!

We are VERY pleased with how this room turned out! I will update you on the second part of this project, the dining room, as soon as I have made up my mind what I want for a window covering in there...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prayer Request

Well, we had an eventful weekend - and NOT the fun kind. My twelve year old Nephew Blake is on a fall baseball team and they had a game on Saturday. Blake was at bat and got hit in the face by a wild pitch. Thankfully, his only injury is a broken nose. It looked a lot worse, and we know it could have been MUCH more dangerous.
His Doctor has scheduled surgery to repair his nose this Friday morning. I would SO appreciate if you would remember our Blake in your prayers on Friday!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

I took a BIG step this week y'all! I got a hair cut. More than one actually, and quite a bit for me!

When I was sixteen years old I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease. The Doctors that were caring for me decided the best course of treatment would be Radiation Therapy followed up with Chemotherapy. I am so thankful for these Doctors and I know that GOD deserves ALL the Glory that I continue to be cancer free over thirty years later.

I tell you that so that you can understand my affection for my hair. Since I was a little girl, I have always loved long hair. Crystal Gayle fascinates me! I also have an older cousin(my namesake) that had thick, beautiful long brown hair. I wanted that hair! What I have is a lot of thin, straight, baby fine hair. It of course fell out shortly after they began the radiation treatments. Just in the back, from the crown of my head back. Weird stuff, that radiation! As a young teen I was devastated. We did find a cute wig, but it just isn't cool when you have to wear it, no matter how cute it is. So once I was finished with my treatments and my hair was long enough to cover my bald head, I ditched that wig and set about growing me some LONG hair! It took a LONG time, but I have some hair now!

Forgive the poor picture quality! Have you ever tried to take a picture of yourself backwards?? LOL!
I have been contemplating what to do with my hair for MONTHS. I was getting very frustrated with it. The majority of the time I was twisting it in a knot and clipping it up because it was always in the way. Bend over to pick something up, here comes the hair. Sit down, move the hair. Lay down, move the hair. I was OVER it! So I talked it over with the Handsome Prince and he was very encouraging (I think he was tired of the grumping!) I took a deep breath and called my hair stylist. She was very surprised when I told her how much we were cutting - she asked several times if I was SURE I wanted to do this. Yes, I am sure.

It feels SO MUCH better! We put a few highlights in there too. I MAY have some gray...

I think it looks great! AND I am donating the ten inches we cut off to Locks of Love, so that a child in need can have a cute wig!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My First Award!

My friend Lindsay has nominated me for my very first blog award! Hooray for me!!

Here is how the "Honest Scrap" award works - I share ten random things about myself, and then nominate ten blog friends to do the same. Since the people I would nominate were already chosen to take part in this, I nominate anyone reading this that would like to take part in the fun!

Let's see, ten things about me...

  1. Food segregation is important to me! I don't like my food to touch. Everything has a place, veggies, potato and meat. I don't want corn in my potatoes. I don't want soggy bread because it got in the sauce. I know it all ends up in the same place - don't try to reason with me! We have big plates so I can keep everything separate.
  2. I love office supplies. I can spend hours looking at file folders and paper clips. And Pens! I love Back to School time because everyone has great sales on their "stuff". Too bad my office is always a disaster! I should be very organized!
  3. I also love dishes. I have a set of every day dishes, Christmas dishes, and china. Twelve place settings each. I had four other sets that I gave away. It is a sickness...
  4. I like to keep the dining room table "set" all of the time. It looks pretty, and it justifies #3 for me:)
  5. Blue is my favorite color. Followed closely by purple and red.
  6. I LOVE FOOTBALL!! Nebraska Cornhuskers and Minnesota Vikings - if they are playing, I am watching!
  7. I've lived in eight houses in my life. Which means I have moved only seven times. Four of those moves came after I was married.
  8. I dated my Handsome Prince for only ONE month before we became engaged. We were married three months later. We'll celebrate 26 years in December!
  9. The first job I had when we moved to Arkansas was at McDonald's. I lasted one day. I was not cut out to be a fry girl.
  10. My Grandma taught me to do counted cross-stitch. It is a hobby I really enjoy, and wish I spent more time doing. Unfortunately, I'm figuring out what Grandma was talking about when she used to tell me she did her hobbies in the morning "when her eyes were good".

Okay, now it is your turn!! If you would like the "Honest Scrap" award, I nominate you! Just copy the picture and add it to your blog, tell us ten things about yourself and then nominate ten friends to share in the fun! Be sure to leave me a comment if you participate - I want to learn more about you too!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Southern Living Saturday: Unique Wall Art

The cooler weather we have been experiencing has me in a "nesting" mode! I enjoy every season, especially the beginning of each of them. I get very excited to dig out the decor for each new season and give our home a different look. I try not to be too Holiday specific with the decorative items I choose, opting for items that will look nice for longer periods of time. A lot of the items I decorate with can be changed for each season just by adding different flowers or "fluff" to them!

I love our brick fireplace, but I would LOVE to have a mantel that looks like this! If you would like to create the look in the above picture in your home, these are the items you will need from our fall Southern Living at HOME catalog:

  1. 2 - Cordova Candle Sconces (item #40974)

  2. 4 - Filigree Iron Wall Sconces (item #41116) Instructions below!

  3. 2 - Jackson Square Lidded Urns (item #41233)

  4. 1 of the Olive Jar Trio set (item #41027)

  5. 2 sets of the Drake Firefly Lanterns (item #41208)

  6. The Cordova Firescreen (item #41108)

  7. Our Entertaining Bucket and Tray (item #40672) a Customer Special this month!
It will take four of these Filigree Iron Wall Sconces to create the circle. The votive holder is completely detachable (it slides into a bracket in the back) If you are like me, you don't want a million nails holes in the wall, so start by laying out the design you want to create on a piece of paper on your floor. To create the circular pattern lay each of the wall sconces at an angle, points touching at the top and bottom. Mark on the paper where the nails need to go. (hanging hardware is included with each sconce) Tape the paper to the wall and pound your nails according to your marks. Tear the paper off, hang the sconces and WA - LAH! You have unique wall art!

Wouldn't something like this be pretty hanging in the center of your new wall art? Or a simple grapevine wreath - the possibilities are endless!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Home Improvement Update Part Two: Bathroom

It all started because I was really tired of this look:

I loved it when we first decorated it this way, but that was 8 years ago. It was time for a change! So while we were in Branson for our Anniversary weekend I found this shower curtain and some other accessories:

The Handsome Prince is an avid outdoorsman. He loves to get all camo'd up and sit out in the woods for hours. He has several trophies on the wall to show for his patience. This is the room you come in to from our garage. When we remodeled our house we added the shower in here because it works so great when you have been out in the yard working, or in his case covered in "Scent" so that the deer won't smell him.

Down came the wallpaper and all those little fish I painstakingly cut out and pasted all over the walls. (I am pretty sure Joe and Terry were mumbling about those by the time they peeled the last one off!) It took way longer than I thought it would, and the color isn't exactly how I envisioned it would look, but I am very pleased with the new look.

I really like how the color looks with our oak woodwork. It has a bit more orange than I saw in the paint chip, but I really like how warm this room feels now. "Yarrow" was the right choice!
It looks different depending on the light and shadows.

I still have so much work to do to get everything looking like I want! I have a wrought iron mirror I am going to hang above the sink instead of the big mirror that was (barely) there. I think it will look nice with the towel bars and other rustic accessories I have found to go in here. Lucy and Gatsby are thinking I am going to a LOT of trouble making their room pretty:)
I hope to be able to share completed room pictures with you soon!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home Improvement Update: Part One

I know, I promised an update on Saturday, but the work was supposed to be done by Noon too.
Neither thing happened. Joe thought they would be done in half a day, but things just kept happening and they were finally able to finish after five on Saturday. It looks beautiful and I am VERY happy with the colors we went with. I wish everything was back in it's place now, but it is not. I am trying to get a little done each night so I can finally get back to normal!

I took a bunch of photos, so I will do a Dining Room post, part two will be the bathroom progress and hopefully part three will be completed photos of both rooms!

Here is an action shot - Paint is finally being rolled on! "Notable Hue" looks a LOT darker here than it is.

You can see in this photo that the color is just a shade darker than what was there. This color is very close to the same shade of blue that our tile is.

Just a small mess compared to the rest of the house right now. They had to put stuff somewhere!

It seemed like we spent most of Saturday watching paint dry. We did go purchase a new chandelier. I'm really glad I waited to purchase this light, because I had a stained glass fixture picked out, but I don't think I would have like it once we got the paint on the walls.

I love the one we picked out! No more ugly brass with a chain that was too long!

I love this! Simple, but elegant.

See how pretty those ceilings are now? The kitchen is next on my project list!

With the money I saved by NOT going with the stained glass fixture for the Dining room we were able to replace two more fixtures that I have hated almost from the day we put them up! Yes, THREE for the price of one! The ceiling fan in the Kitchen is now gone, as is the ugly little can light that was above the sink.

Much better! Don't you think?
Bathroom photos tomorrow...