Thursday, September 10, 2009

My First Award!

My friend Lindsay has nominated me for my very first blog award! Hooray for me!!

Here is how the "Honest Scrap" award works - I share ten random things about myself, and then nominate ten blog friends to do the same. Since the people I would nominate were already chosen to take part in this, I nominate anyone reading this that would like to take part in the fun!

Let's see, ten things about me...

  1. Food segregation is important to me! I don't like my food to touch. Everything has a place, veggies, potato and meat. I don't want corn in my potatoes. I don't want soggy bread because it got in the sauce. I know it all ends up in the same place - don't try to reason with me! We have big plates so I can keep everything separate.
  2. I love office supplies. I can spend hours looking at file folders and paper clips. And Pens! I love Back to School time because everyone has great sales on their "stuff". Too bad my office is always a disaster! I should be very organized!
  3. I also love dishes. I have a set of every day dishes, Christmas dishes, and china. Twelve place settings each. I had four other sets that I gave away. It is a sickness...
  4. I like to keep the dining room table "set" all of the time. It looks pretty, and it justifies #3 for me:)
  5. Blue is my favorite color. Followed closely by purple and red.
  6. I LOVE FOOTBALL!! Nebraska Cornhuskers and Minnesota Vikings - if they are playing, I am watching!
  7. I've lived in eight houses in my life. Which means I have moved only seven times. Four of those moves came after I was married.
  8. I dated my Handsome Prince for only ONE month before we became engaged. We were married three months later. We'll celebrate 26 years in December!
  9. The first job I had when we moved to Arkansas was at McDonald's. I lasted one day. I was not cut out to be a fry girl.
  10. My Grandma taught me to do counted cross-stitch. It is a hobby I really enjoy, and wish I spent more time doing. Unfortunately, I'm figuring out what Grandma was talking about when she used to tell me she did her hobbies in the morning "when her eyes were good".

Okay, now it is your turn!! If you would like the "Honest Scrap" award, I nominate you! Just copy the picture and add it to your blog, tell us ten things about yourself and then nominate ten friends to share in the fun! Be sure to leave me a comment if you participate - I want to learn more about you too!

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Lindsay said...

I completely understand #1 & #2 because I'm the same way!!