Saturday, August 29, 2009

Southern Living Saturday: Gail Pittman pottery Sale!

I have mixed emotions about the following announcement from Southern Living at HOME:

We are thrilled to announce our first Gail Pittman sale for September! Everyone will want to take advantage of our 30-day price reduction on these beautiful Gail Pittman products.We're also running a sale on Gail Pittman to make room for new Gail designs and extensions of highly successful recent product introductions. We won't be going forward with any Provence pieces or Sienna dinnerware in spring, but we will continue to carry almost all of the Sienna accessory pieces. Gail feels it's time to move on to new and exciting concepts, and we agree. Make sure your customers complete their collections this fall.

In October, you can count on a fall "White Sale," but you won't find any pillow cases or sheets on special. Instead, we will run a Gallery dinnerware sale with a few select accessories and related items. Again, we plan to make room for new designs that couldn't be introduced in the past because this slow-selling dinnerware occupied too much space. We won't be continuing it with the new spring catalog.

I know they have to make room for new things, but I LOVE these Collections! So for your planning purposes, here is the link to the sale flyer . I do plan on sending an order on September 1st. Since it says that quantities are limited I am assuming that the Provence items will go fast. If you are wanting some of these Hand Painted items to complete your collections PLEASE don't wait. You do not have to have a minimum purchase to take advantage of the pottery sale, AND your pottery purchase counts towards your $29.95 minimum purchase for the September specials!

Check back later today for a Home Impovement update!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day Three

Well they didn't get done today, but it will be done tomorrow!

I walked in the house to see this:

The light fixtures are out, so it is too dark to take good pictures. Sorry.

The dining room is taped off and ready to paint.

The ceiling got painted, but as it dried Joe saw some spots that he didn't like. So he repaired it and the mud needed to dry overnight. It will get another coat of paint and then they will do the walls!
So by noon on Saturday, we will have two new rooms! I can't wait:)

Day Two Update

Thursday's progress reminded me how I feel when I spend all day cleaning out closets and organizing cupboards, only to have the Handsome Prince come home and ask "what did you do all day?" Joe got a LOT done, but they are the sort of tasks that are not as noticeable. They got the ceiling in the Dining Room sprayed with the "Knock Down" so it and the walls are ready to paint.

The ceiling looks so much better already! I can not wait to see it completed. I think we will go tonight to pick out the new light fixture. I have one in mind, I just want to re-visit it to make sure it is the one I want.

They got the rest of the nasty wallpaper down in the bathroom. The adhesive that was supposed to be holding the mirror in place had come loose so when Joe was working on the wallpaper around it, the mirror started to fall forward! He got it down with no breaking - YAY! Now I am not sure I will put it back either...

Today the ceiling in the bathroom gets done, and hopefully painting in both rooms. Joe and Terry want to finish today but will come in the morning if they can't get done. I hope they finish today too, because I am so EXCITED! It is going to looks so much better.

These are the colors I went with. I tend to choose colors that I like the name - dumb I know, but I do! On the left is the bathroom color, Yarrow. (the one with the "B" on it) The paint chip in the middle is the "Autumn Surprise" that I had thought I wanted in there. I'm so glad I didn't go with that dark of a color! It would have been a cave in there. For the dining room I chose "Notable Hue" (the one with the smudged "D") It is just a little darker shade than what is in there now, but I think it will look SO pretty. I can't wait to get home tonight!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day One Progress

I am so very pleased with the progress made on Wednesday! The dining room ceiling looks so good! Joe said he thought one more round of mud and then paint on Thursday. And yes, there will be painting on the walls too:)

Progress in the bathroom is going a little slower than they had hoped. The wallpaper is being stubborn. Have I mentioned how glad I am that we HIRED someone to do this? I know we would have given up and I would have had to deal with a half done room.

The wallpaper is off, but there is still the sticky paper left to steam and scrape.

It looks so much better already!

I am so impressed with Joe and Terry. I really expected to come home to all that nasty white dust every where. Instead I came home to find the floors swept and no signs that workers had been here (other than the progress made) I can't wait to see what gets done on Day two!

More Change...

Is it just us, or does everyone have home improvement projects that just seem to snow ball?

Remember when I told y'all about the Bathroom re-do? Well, I had finally decided on a color (Valspar Autumn Surprise) and had convinced the Handsome Prince that we really needed to get busy tearing that wallpaper down. Somehow that motivation never happened.

Then my parents had some ceilings repaired at their house. The painters are a couple that go to church with them and they did a fantastic job for a very reasonable fee. So I decided I would have them come by and give me an estimate on repairing this ugly water damage in my Dining room.

We have been growing really tired of the "cottage cheese" ceilings in our house. So we thought as long as we were going to fix it, maybe we should change it. Something else that will be changed is this ugly chandelier. I am SO over it.

Joe the painter came this morning to start scraping that ugly ceiling. Which means that I spent last night clearing everything out of the china cabinet and putting it back in the spare bedroom. Hopefully I can get everything put back where it belongs, and not break anything!

What does this have to do with the bathroom re-do? That is where the snow ball thing comes in. The fish bathroom is right beside the Dining Room. As long as you are doing the ceiling in the Dining Room, you may as well do the bathroom too - Right? And, since Joe is a Painter, he could probably tear that old wallpaper down for you since he has the tools. Not that the lack of the proper tools has been your excuse to put this project off or anything...

Joe wasn't too sure about my color choice for in here. He thought it was a bit dark, and too orange. Since there isn't much light in this room, I think I have to agree with him. So now I will have to make up my mind shortly, but I am leaning towards SW Yarrow. It has more of a yellow/brown hue.

This is the view standing in the Dining room, so you see why the two rooms really had to be done at once. I just think it is funny that we started out wanting to fix a nasty stain on the ceiling and now we are scraping two ceilings, removing wallpaper, repairing and re-texturing the walls and painting, probably two rooms. (as long as everything is out of the Dining room you may as well paint it too - right?)

Progress pictures to come...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday - Southern Living Style

I know I have been a little absent from my blog this summer, but I am going to attempt to get back in to a routine now that some cooler weather is upon us. Since I love a good theme, I think we will do a little decorating "How to" on Saturdays - sound like fun? I think so!

I love to rearrange things in our home all the time. When you have as many collections of things as I do, it is fun to move them from room to room. It is always amazing to me how it gives the room a new look, and also the collectibles. I will shop my house and try things in a lot of different places (and drive My Handsome Prince nuts!) before I will settle on a certain look. When I get bored with that look I just move things around again!

Storage seems to be a challenge no matter what size house you have. In our Master bathroom the only storage we have is under the sinks, which is clear across the room from the shower. Not very convenient! Where do you put the towels? My solution was this Baker's Rack. It is slender enough that it doesn't block the doorway and it holds a TON of stuff! Even though it is serving a very useful purpose, I still like for it to be decorative. I'm all about "The Drippage" :)

Along with the towels and wash cloths folded neatly on their shelves, I have added a few Southern Living at HOME accessories to make the room seem more warm and beautiful. (In my opinion anyway!) I have used the Camille Vases, Francesca Frames, Signature Flowerpot and a Jamestown votive.

The Camille Vases (item 41155) are hand blown glass and come as a set of two. I am using the taller one to hold a bouquet of flowers, and the smaller one works perfectly as a reed diffuser - and keeps it smelling good in here! You could also use these to hold cotton balls, makeup brushes, a candle - you name it. They are pretty and versatile!

The Signature Flowerpot (item 41183) is just the right size to tuck in the corner. It can be used indoors or out, and comes with its own little coaster to catch any spills from the drainage hole. My fake plant stuffed in here won't have that problem! It would work in the kitchen to hold utensils, or line with a napkin and make a unique serving piece for breadsticks - whatever! I think my glue gun and I may create another little topiary with one of these!

The Francesca Frames (item 41106) come in a set of three. The tall one will hold a 4"x6" photo, the medium a 3 1/2"x5" and the round opening is 3 1/2" diameter. I love the distressed finish, and the fact that they can be hung on the wall if I want. This set would make great gifts - put the new school pictures in them and you have three very affordable gifts that anyone would be happy to receive. I am printing a couple of my favorite Bible verses on pretty paper to put in mine!

Here is the view as you enter from our bedroom.

I hope you have enjoyed my first edition of Southern Living Saturdays! I hope I will give you some ideas that you can put to use in your own home. If you would like more information about any of the products I have featured today, leave me a comment or you can go to my website and click on "Our Products" for more information.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 17, 2009

An Amazing story - to me anyway!

Let me tell the story about my Miniature Schnauzer, Teke (pronounced teak). I was 21 when I got him as my very first pet. He was just 6 weeks old and so adorable! He went everywhere with me. When I met The Handsome Prince it was definitely a case of "Love me, Love my dog" - and he did! Since we did not have children, he was treated like our baby.

On August 11, 1993 we had to put him to sleep because of a tumor I found in his ear that had spread in to his brain. He was 11 years old. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, and I was sure at the time I would never have another pet.

Then came a few cats, and although I tried really hard not to get attached, I did - I guess that's just how I am! Our latest kitties, Sylvester and Tweety seem to like it here okay, and the two of them can find all sorts of mischief to get into.

On more than one occasion Larry and I have discussed that we would like to get another dog. Last spring we even went and looked at a litter in a town near us, but we did not feel a connection with any of the pups and decided we just weren't ready to commit. Last week - on August 11th - I had just come in from work and Larry and I were talking and getting our dinner ready when I glanced out the bay window and TWO Miniature Schnauzers were in the back yard. They were obviously lost pets because I could see their collars and tags, so I flung open the sliding glass door and they came running in the house. We got them a bowl of water and put them in the laundry room while I called the vet from their tags. They gave me the owners information so I called her. She said she didn't own the dogs anymore, but would have the new owners call me. About a half hour later a lady called and got our address and said she would send her husband over - they were about a mile from our house.

While we were waiting on him to get here, Larry and I were discussing the possibility of keeping the dogs. When he got here he said they had only had the dogs 9 days and they had already run off twice. He said they didn't know what they were going to do. Larry and I looked at each other and Larry said to him we would be interested in keeping them. He wanted to go home to discuss it with his wife and we agreed. But we made a trip to Wal*Mart while we waited on his call! We bought bowls and a bed and dog food and a baby gate. Oh, and 2 stakes and leashes. At 8 O'clock that night we adopted Lucy and her son Gatsby. Lucy is 7 years old and Gatsby is 6 years old. They are very loving and already act like they have lived here forever. Larry doesn't like the name Gatsby, so he is calling him Max and he will come to either name. I call him Gatsby!

Here he is the first night we had him. Worn out from his bath and the excitement of the day.

And here is Gatsby after he went to see the Groomer on Friday! He is very proud of his new 'do! (sorry about the picture quality, I was using my phone)

This is Lucy before her haircut.

And loving her new look.

They seem to be adjusting very well. We have made them a "room" in the Laundry room for while we are at work. So far they haven't had any accidents so we may expand their living space. We are very excited pet owners, and spoiling them rotten already! Sylvester and Tweety still aren't very sure about them, so we have deemed the back yard their space and the dogs have the front yard!
So that's what is new at our house - what did you do this weekend??

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fall Catalog Reveal Party

As a Collector, and an Independent Consultant with Southern Living at HOME, I look forward to the new catalog, and all the beautiful new products that come with it! Two times per year the Designers and Stylists amaze me with the creative ideas that they come up with for entertaining, organizing and decorating our homes. August 1st was the debut date for the Fall 2009 catalog, and it did not disappoint!

I ordered a few of the new products, and patiently waited for everything to arrive. While I waited, invitations were sent and our house was given a mini fall makeover. I planned the menu, wanting to keep the food simple (for me!) and made a buffet of fresh watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew melon, along with red and green seedless grapes. They were SO GOOD! I had to have something fattening, so I grabbed some of those frozen cheesecake bites, because I love them. I also had an antipasto platter with some yummy cheeses and crackers. It looked very pretty I think!

Everyone seemed to enjoy it! The dishes you see here are part of the Gallery and Cinnabar Collections, and the Gail Pittman Hand Painted casserole in Siena.

Of course I had to show off some of the classic pieces in our product line! I wanted my display to show how all of the collections mix and match beautifully. Everyone went on a tour of our home and I showed some different ideas for product use. One guest had to whip out her phone to take a picture so she wouldn't forget!

Then we settled in to our seats for the "unveiling" of new products! I used a piece of fabric to cover my display, and nearly broke the new Astoria dispenser when a string got caught on the pump. I wanted to create some drama, but this was not what I had in mind! All was well, it landed on the carpet unscathed.

Finally, I had a drawing for three Door Prizes - Congratulations to the winners!
Jackson Square tray - Michelle
Cinnabar Baker - Lisa
O's Big Book of Happiness - Denice
Thank you Ladies for coming and making the afternoon very enjoyable! I hope you enjoy your prizes!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

NW Arkansas Blog Buddies, You are Invited!

Autumn is (almost!) in the air… Let’s get together for a fall affair!
You and your guest are cordially invited to attend my Southern Living at HOME
Fall 2009 Catalog and Product Reveal party. Come see the latest in our beautiful product line! I can’t wait for you to see these items, I know you are going to LOVE them!!

WHEN: Sunday August 9th, 2009 2-4 PM
WHERE: Our Home, leave me a comment and I will contact you personally with directions

A little “Homework assignment” - I will have a drawing, giving away FREE PRODUCT! You can earn as many chances to win as possible by doing the following:
*RSVP --1 ticket
*Come to the party--1 ticket
*Bring a friend--2 tickets for each guest
*Bring a meaningful photograph—2 tickets
*Shop!--2 tickets for each $30 purchase
*Schedule a Party for: September--7 tickets
October--5 tickets
November--3 tickets
*Bring $100 in outside orders from your friends who couldn't come--10 tickets

My “theme” for the day is “Photographs and Memories” I hope you will bring a special photograph and make some memories! I will be sharing a few decorating tips, and of course appetizers, desserts, and drinks will be served in Southern Living style! I hope I will see you Sunday, August 9th