Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday - Southern Living Style

I know I have been a little absent from my blog this summer, but I am going to attempt to get back in to a routine now that some cooler weather is upon us. Since I love a good theme, I think we will do a little decorating "How to" on Saturdays - sound like fun? I think so!

I love to rearrange things in our home all the time. When you have as many collections of things as I do, it is fun to move them from room to room. It is always amazing to me how it gives the room a new look, and also the collectibles. I will shop my house and try things in a lot of different places (and drive My Handsome Prince nuts!) before I will settle on a certain look. When I get bored with that look I just move things around again!

Storage seems to be a challenge no matter what size house you have. In our Master bathroom the only storage we have is under the sinks, which is clear across the room from the shower. Not very convenient! Where do you put the towels? My solution was this Baker's Rack. It is slender enough that it doesn't block the doorway and it holds a TON of stuff! Even though it is serving a very useful purpose, I still like for it to be decorative. I'm all about "The Drippage" :)

Along with the towels and wash cloths folded neatly on their shelves, I have added a few Southern Living at HOME accessories to make the room seem more warm and beautiful. (In my opinion anyway!) I have used the Camille Vases, Francesca Frames, Signature Flowerpot and a Jamestown votive.

The Camille Vases (item 41155) are hand blown glass and come as a set of two. I am using the taller one to hold a bouquet of flowers, and the smaller one works perfectly as a reed diffuser - and keeps it smelling good in here! You could also use these to hold cotton balls, makeup brushes, a candle - you name it. They are pretty and versatile!

The Signature Flowerpot (item 41183) is just the right size to tuck in the corner. It can be used indoors or out, and comes with its own little coaster to catch any spills from the drainage hole. My fake plant stuffed in here won't have that problem! It would work in the kitchen to hold utensils, or line with a napkin and make a unique serving piece for breadsticks - whatever! I think my glue gun and I may create another little topiary with one of these!

The Francesca Frames (item 41106) come in a set of three. The tall one will hold a 4"x6" photo, the medium a 3 1/2"x5" and the round opening is 3 1/2" diameter. I love the distressed finish, and the fact that they can be hung on the wall if I want. This set would make great gifts - put the new school pictures in them and you have three very affordable gifts that anyone would be happy to receive. I am printing a couple of my favorite Bible verses on pretty paper to put in mine!

Here is the view as you enter from our bedroom.

I hope you have enjoyed my first edition of Southern Living Saturdays! I hope I will give you some ideas that you can put to use in your own home. If you would like more information about any of the products I have featured today, leave me a comment or you can go to my website and click on "Our Products" for more information.

Have a great weekend!


Lindsay said...

I'm gonna love SLAH Satrdays!

Lisa said...

Ohhh, Ahhh...looks beautiful. I love SLAH - and Saturdays!