Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Change...

Is it just us, or does everyone have home improvement projects that just seem to snow ball?

Remember when I told y'all about the Bathroom re-do? Well, I had finally decided on a color (Valspar Autumn Surprise) and had convinced the Handsome Prince that we really needed to get busy tearing that wallpaper down. Somehow that motivation never happened.

Then my parents had some ceilings repaired at their house. The painters are a couple that go to church with them and they did a fantastic job for a very reasonable fee. So I decided I would have them come by and give me an estimate on repairing this ugly water damage in my Dining room.

We have been growing really tired of the "cottage cheese" ceilings in our house. So we thought as long as we were going to fix it, maybe we should change it. Something else that will be changed is this ugly chandelier. I am SO over it.

Joe the painter came this morning to start scraping that ugly ceiling. Which means that I spent last night clearing everything out of the china cabinet and putting it back in the spare bedroom. Hopefully I can get everything put back where it belongs, and not break anything!

What does this have to do with the bathroom re-do? That is where the snow ball thing comes in. The fish bathroom is right beside the Dining Room. As long as you are doing the ceiling in the Dining Room, you may as well do the bathroom too - Right? And, since Joe is a Painter, he could probably tear that old wallpaper down for you since he has the tools. Not that the lack of the proper tools has been your excuse to put this project off or anything...

Joe wasn't too sure about my color choice for in here. He thought it was a bit dark, and too orange. Since there isn't much light in this room, I think I have to agree with him. So now I will have to make up my mind shortly, but I am leaning towards SW Yarrow. It has more of a yellow/brown hue.

This is the view standing in the Dining room, so you see why the two rooms really had to be done at once. I just think it is funny that we started out wanting to fix a nasty stain on the ceiling and now we are scraping two ceilings, removing wallpaper, repairing and re-texturing the walls and painting, probably two rooms. (as long as everything is out of the Dining room you may as well paint it too - right?)

Progress pictures to come...

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