Friday, August 28, 2009

Day Two Update

Thursday's progress reminded me how I feel when I spend all day cleaning out closets and organizing cupboards, only to have the Handsome Prince come home and ask "what did you do all day?" Joe got a LOT done, but they are the sort of tasks that are not as noticeable. They got the ceiling in the Dining Room sprayed with the "Knock Down" so it and the walls are ready to paint.

The ceiling looks so much better already! I can not wait to see it completed. I think we will go tonight to pick out the new light fixture. I have one in mind, I just want to re-visit it to make sure it is the one I want.

They got the rest of the nasty wallpaper down in the bathroom. The adhesive that was supposed to be holding the mirror in place had come loose so when Joe was working on the wallpaper around it, the mirror started to fall forward! He got it down with no breaking - YAY! Now I am not sure I will put it back either...

Today the ceiling in the bathroom gets done, and hopefully painting in both rooms. Joe and Terry want to finish today but will come in the morning if they can't get done. I hope they finish today too, because I am so EXCITED! It is going to looks so much better.

These are the colors I went with. I tend to choose colors that I like the name - dumb I know, but I do! On the left is the bathroom color, Yarrow. (the one with the "B" on it) The paint chip in the middle is the "Autumn Surprise" that I had thought I wanted in there. I'm so glad I didn't go with that dark of a color! It would have been a cave in there. For the dining room I chose "Notable Hue" (the one with the smudged "D") It is just a little darker shade than what is in there now, but I think it will look SO pretty. I can't wait to get home tonight!!

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