Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day One Progress

I am so very pleased with the progress made on Wednesday! The dining room ceiling looks so good! Joe said he thought one more round of mud and then paint on Thursday. And yes, there will be painting on the walls too:)

Progress in the bathroom is going a little slower than they had hoped. The wallpaper is being stubborn. Have I mentioned how glad I am that we HIRED someone to do this? I know we would have given up and I would have had to deal with a half done room.

The wallpaper is off, but there is still the sticky paper left to steam and scrape.

It looks so much better already!

I am so impressed with Joe and Terry. I really expected to come home to all that nasty white dust every where. Instead I came home to find the floors swept and no signs that workers had been here (other than the progress made) I can't wait to see what gets done on Day two!


Lindsay said...

Looking great!!! Glad you hired someone to do the dirty work!

Lisa said...

WOW this is exciting! You're getting a lot done :D Can't wait for the finished product - productS!