Saturday, August 29, 2009

Southern Living Saturday: Gail Pittman pottery Sale!

I have mixed emotions about the following announcement from Southern Living at HOME:

We are thrilled to announce our first Gail Pittman sale for September! Everyone will want to take advantage of our 30-day price reduction on these beautiful Gail Pittman products.We're also running a sale on Gail Pittman to make room for new Gail designs and extensions of highly successful recent product introductions. We won't be going forward with any Provence pieces or Sienna dinnerware in spring, but we will continue to carry almost all of the Sienna accessory pieces. Gail feels it's time to move on to new and exciting concepts, and we agree. Make sure your customers complete their collections this fall.

In October, you can count on a fall "White Sale," but you won't find any pillow cases or sheets on special. Instead, we will run a Gallery dinnerware sale with a few select accessories and related items. Again, we plan to make room for new designs that couldn't be introduced in the past because this slow-selling dinnerware occupied too much space. We won't be continuing it with the new spring catalog.

I know they have to make room for new things, but I LOVE these Collections! So for your planning purposes, here is the link to the sale flyer . I do plan on sending an order on September 1st. Since it says that quantities are limited I am assuming that the Provence items will go fast. If you are wanting some of these Hand Painted items to complete your collections PLEASE don't wait. You do not have to have a minimum purchase to take advantage of the pottery sale, AND your pottery purchase counts towards your $29.95 minimum purchase for the September specials!

Check back later today for a Home Impovement update!

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Thanks for your sweet comments!

Looks like you are going through a major renovation! I can't wait to see it finished!