Wednesday, February 24, 2010

American Idol Top 24: Men's Night

Last night we were a little disappointed with the Top 12 girls, so tonight is the guys night to shine. I don't really remember any of the male contestants that were chosen, so I am looking forward to tonight's show. So without further ado,

THIS is American Idol!

First up tonight is Todrick Hall from Arlington TX. He is a 24 year old writer. Actor. Dancer. You will remember that Todrick is the one that auditioned performing an original song he wrote "Todrick is my name" Tonight he chose the Kelly Clarkson hit "Since you been gone" I'm afraid Todrick may be tomorrow.

Aaron Kelly is 16 years old from Sonestown, PA. He performed Rascal Flatts "Here comes goodbye" and we really liked it. The Judges did not. The disagreement begins early tonight!

Jermaine Sellers is a 27 year old Church Singer from Joliet, IL. He sang "Get here" and parts it of were good, but parts of it were really pitchy. I think he can sing, just maybe wasn't the right song, so I hope he gets another chance.

Tim Urban is 20 years old from Duncanville, TX. He was originally cut during Hollywood week but caught a break and was called back to replace someone. After his performance of "Apologize" I think he should-TO US! Didn't care for this at all.

Joe Munoz from Huntington Park, CA is 20 years old. He performed "You and I" and did a terrific job! I really enjoyed his voice. I did not agree with Simon at all on this one.

Tyler Grady from Nazareth, PA is a 20 year old caught in a 70's time warp. All during Hollywood week he caused quite a stir with his fashion statements and performances. Tonight he stayed true to form with "American Woman" I think he is in trouble.

Lee Dewyse is 23 years old from Chicago, IL. I like the song he sang, but I was "farming" on Farmville and trying to take notes and alas, my multi-tasking caught up with me! So sorry.

John Park was next up. He is the 21 year old from Northbrook, IL that auditioned with Shania Twain as a guest judge and she just loved him. Tonight he sang "God bless the child" and I don't think it worked for him. Bless his heart.

Michael Lynche is the 26 year Personal Trainer from St. Petersburg, Fl whose wife had their first child while he was auditioning. He sang "This Love" by Maroon 5 and the judges weren't crazy about his song choice. I thought he did good and I think his personal story will get him at least one more chance next week.

Alex Lambert is 19 years old from North Richland Hills, TX. That's all I've got. Oops.

Casey James is 27 years old from Fort Worth, TX. Here's the one to beat folks! He performed the Bryan Adams classic "Heaven". And we were! OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! LIKE. A LOT.

Andrew Garcia was the final contestant tonight and bless his heart he had to try to top that performance by our next Idol. Andrew is 24 years old from Moreno Valley, CA. He performed "We're going down" Yeah, I think you are.

Okay that does it for the boys! Who do you like? I would have to say Crystal Bowersox is my favorite girl this week and Casey James is my favorite over all. What are your thoughts?

Let's discuss!!


Fiddledeedee said...

I'm with you. Casey James is the one to beat. I think the group of girls is far more interesting. Especially Crystal. It feels like it's going to be a long season. :)

Jenna said...

Great Recap! I think you're right with The 70's guy..he may be going home. And I liked Aaron Kelly's voice too! I disagreed with the judges a lot last night! Casey James is the one to beat for sure! Along with Crystal in my opinion!

Lisa said...

We're in agreement! My favorites are Casey James and Crystal Bowersox. I'm really liking Ellen as a judge, but I can't take her new hair-don't.

Anonymous said...

I forgot you give us a run down!! Love it! Looking forward to your weekly review. You should be paid for this!! :-)