Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's time for Season Nine! Top 24, Girls Night

It's time for some Idol! I don't know about you, but I'm excited about the talent this season! I am also pleasantly surprised by the newest Judge, Ellen. There seems to be a much more relaxed, easy and constructive discussion among the four Judges this year. It's nice to be able to watch the show and listen to their opinions and not do the eye roll every time Paula opened her mouth.
We've enjoyed watching the tryouts and the gruelling Hollywood week drama. Now we are ready to get down to business! It's the Top 24 and the women will perform hits from the Billboard Charts first. According to Simon this is the Girls year! So let's get down to business...
Paige Miles is 24 years old from Naples, FL. She started the night out with It's alright now by Free. I thought she did pretty good considering the first one to go HAS to have a case of nerves.
Ashley Rodriguez is a 22 year old student from Chelsea, MA. She chose Happy by Leona Lewis and I don't think it was the best song choice for her. I think she may be UNhappy on Thursday night.
Janell Wheeler is a 24 year old Wine Sales Rep from Orlando, FL. Janell made another poor song choice by going with What about Love by Heart. How many seasons are we going to have to tell you DON'T choose a song bigger than you!
Lilly Scott from Littleton, CO has seen the most dramatic change in her life since auditioning for AI. She is a 20 year old and has been living out of her car and performing anywhere and everywhere. For her performance tonight she chose Fixin a Hole by The Beatles. I didn't care for it and I didn't like the strange facial expressions she made while she was singing, but the Judges loved it. This won't be the only time we disagree tonight!
Katelyn Epperly from West Des Moines, IA is a 19 year old College Student. She sang the second Beatles song of the night, O Darlin. She did good enough that I want to hear her again next week.
Haeley Vaughn is the baby of the group at 16. She is from Fort Collins, CO and she performed the third Beatles song of the night, I want to Hold your Hand. I'm not sure it was good enough for another chance next week.
Lacey Brown is a 24 year old Event Coordinator from Amarillo, TX. She tried out last year and was cut during Hollywood week. She SANG Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. Her performance was the first one that I really enjoyed of the night and the Judges were not fans. I hope she makes it through.
Michelle Delamar from Miami, Fl is 22 and works in a clothing store among other things. She chose Falling by Alicia Keyes and I thought did a great job.
Didi Benami is a 23 year old Waitress from Knoxville, TN. She has had a very emotional journey - her friend died and she is doing this to honor her memory. She kind of reminds me of Brooke White from a few seasons back (7? with Cook?) I like her and I liked her performance of The Way I am.
Siobhan Magnus was the surprise of the night for me. She is 19 years old, a Glass Blowing Apprentice from Cape Cod, MA. She chose Wicked Game by Chris Isaac and I thought it was FANtastic! Very Good.
Crystal Bowersox is 24 years old, a Musician and a Mom from Ellistan, OH. I noticed her in the audition show, and also during Hollywood week and really liked her. I think she will really do well. Her performance of Hand in My Pocket was just incredible tonight. Did I mention that she played the guitar AND the harmonica? She is definitely talented.
Katie Stevens was the final performance of the evening. She is a 17 year old High School Student from Middlebury CT. She sang Feelin Good by Michael Buble' and I felt like she did very good, but the Judges disagreed with me again on this one. They thought the song was too old for her, that she needed to be 17. I hope she gets another chance!
Over all I thought the night was pretty good, started out a little slow but by the end of the night it was very entertaining. I think that Ashley, Janell and Haeley are probably in the most danger. I would say that Didi and Crystal are my favorites right now, and Siobhan is my dark horse!
Now it's your turn - let's discuss! What are your thoughts on Season 9? Leave me a comment with your Idol thoughts.


JenB said...

Loved your recap! I liked Didi and Crystal last night. I really like Lacey but think she might be in trouble.

Jenna said...

Great Recap! I totally agree with you on Ellen being great! I also talked about Brooke and DiDi looking alike..I guess I'm not the only one to think that!! I Think my post is totally opposite than you! ha! I liked all the ones you didn't like and didn't like the ones you did!! I love seeing who other people like!