Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Rice Family Thanksgiving

The Rice's. Larry, Janet, Mom Lois and Connie. Back row Robert, Curt and Roy.

We started a new tradition this year with Larry's family and planned our family get together for the weekend before Thanksgiving. Most of us have at least one other obligation on Thanksgiving day, so we were just eating as fast as we could to run to the next meal, and no one was really getting to ENJOY being together. Since we aren't getting any younger, we decided we needed to really TAKE TIME for our family while we are still here!

We had beautiful weather on Saturday and LOTS of GOOD FOOD. Larry's oldest sister Connie and her husband Darryl were our hosts this year and it was such a nice day. I wish I could have stayed much longer, but I woke up on Friday with a sore throat and I was miserable. I really didn't want to spread any cold germs on, but I wanted to see everyone too.

After Chris' accident we were going through some of his things and found his bible. I was going through it one evening this summer and found a poem he had written. Of course it made me cry. It was full of wonderful memories of the Rice's and it reminded me of our first holidays after Larry and I were married. I thought the poem was really good, so I made a copy for all of the brothers and sisters and framed it for them. We gave each one their copy before we gave thanks to our Lord for our wonderful day together. Here is the poem:

Well I remember my brother Roy
who always brought the family lots of joy.
I remember my sister Connie
who is always smiling and saying I Love You Honey

Well I remember on Thanksgiving Day
when my Mom would tell us go outside and play
Me, Calvin & Janet just a waiting
as my brother Curtis was in his room painting

Well I remember my sister Debby
that would always bring all kinds of weird food
but she made the most famous thing we call the Green Junk food
I remember my nieces Angel and Misty
that would not let anyone think they were sissies

I remember my brothers KC & Robert
they will be a part of my heart
Well I remember on Thanksgiving Day
my brother Larry was laughing and had games to play

Well I remember on Thanksgiving Day
when we would bow our heads and Dad would pray
Even though some are gone
God has blessed us all with someone

So before you eat and before you pray
Look around at each other and remember this Thanksgiving Day
God has blessed us with near family and friends
so make sure that we hug all of them

Well before I go I would like to say
I love you all on this Thanksgiving Day.

Thank You Chris for the wonderful memories. We miss you!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

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Lindsay said...

Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving & hope you're feeling better now! I know they just loved getting that poem!