Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trina Rose

On June 25th we welcomed Trina Rose to the world! Our nephew Matt and his wife Amber had the first girl in our baby boom.

For Trina's quilt I chose fabrics from the trunk that Granny Rice gave to me for my birthday. I had at first tried to find fabrics to go with the nursery theme of sea creatures, but they are using pastel colors and evidently fabric designers think that the sea is only bold, primary colors. HA! I think that my use of Granny's fabric makes this a pretty special quilt.

Once I had the quilt sewn, I felt like the solid blocks needed a little embellishing. I had some nice sized scraps left, so I decided to make some yo-yo's and attached them with some vintage buttons that I had.
I started by just placing a few yo-yo's here and there, but quickly became addicted to how cute they were making these blocks look!

So some of the blocks are Super embellished!

Don't you think they look wonderful?

I think this pink quilt looks like a "Trina Rose"

And here is one of the first photos of the beautiful little girl! Welcome to the family Trina Rose!

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