Friday, December 5, 2008

Your Suggestions, Please!

I woke up this morning and wandered out to the family room in need of my caffeine fix to see this. Evidently, the Command strips don't like the book case either. Anyone have any suggestions for something to use on this skinny excuse of a mantel that could hold a pretty hefty garland? It can't be permanent, since this is the "Man Room" and garland will only be tolerated until the day after Christmas. Even if this is well on it's way to being one of the COOLEST Garlands. EVER.
I told ya'll he had a collection of antlers. Yesterday morning I awoke at 3 AM with this brainstorm of how I could use them! I just used the "branch" to wrap around the antler and it stayed in place - for 24 hours, more or less.
So, I am in need of your help! This is way too cool of an idea to have to scrap because of a tiny detail in execution! Bring on the ideas!


scrap fairy said...

Could you screw in a tiny metal hook to the INSIDE of the bookshelf? (right around the corner, on the side) That way you could put a wire loop on the end of the garland & hook it onto the hook, but the hook would be out of sight & not deface the bookshelf. ???????

scrap fairy said...

So much for my idea--my Mom's was wayyyy better! Why didn't I think of brick clips?
Anyway-thanks for dropping off my SLAH stuff. I got it tonight. Love it!
P.S. Do you have your comments set up to were you get an e-mail notice if someone leaves you a comment? I just thought of that bloggy tip!

Sherri's Southern Style said...

While both ideas were FABULOUS, I have had to abandon the whole horns-in-the-garland idea.(for now) The brick clips are awesome, but not quite the right size because of how the bricks were laid.
The garland is just too heavy once I start adding the antlers, so I got a bigger Command Hook, and went with berries and birds in the garland and I'm calling it good!
Thank you for your help!!
Oh!, and you are going to have to clue me in on the e-mail notice thingy!!