Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Tour


My intention was to join in the fun over at BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes yesterday, but that didn't happen! And now, with over 700 people participating in the fun, I decided I might just as well, because people will be touring homes for DAYS! Go! Check it out! AFTER you look at all my pretties!

Welcome to our home! This is what you will see as you come in the front door. I love Nativity scenes. It is the Reason for the Season!
The Holy Family

Turn to your right, let's go to the Living room. Another Nativity, a little "fancier" version.

A close up of some of the ornaments on our tree. There are two Turtle Doves we found in Branson last week. My favorite color is Blue, and this is the third year that I have done this theme. I Love it! The ornaments are clear, blue, silver and a few touches of gold. Snowmen are a favorite of ours, and you will see several cute ones on our tree.

Isn't this cross pretty? There are lot's of one-of-a-kind finds on our tree too!

It's not a great big tree, but I think it is beautiful!

Let me take you out to the Family Room. This is our Toyland. Here is our Rudolph Collection we started a few years ago. We started with the little Enesco figurines, and we can't find them anymore. Last year while we were doing our anniversary shopping extravaganza, we spotted the Jim Shore figurines and nearly flipped out right there in the store. I love that the carvings are quilt patterns, Larry loves that they are Rudolph! I have them in our TV cabinet for now, most of the time they are in my curio cabinet for safe-keeping.

The rest of the story...
I have really struggled with this garland. I saw this post on NestingPlace and was totally inspired! I was going to create the most beautiful garland. EVER. And I did. And then this happened. We put bigger hooks up and it appeared all was well. It crashed again. My friend loaned me these awesome brick clips, but the mantle was created by laying a row of bricks straight across, and the bricks are just a little taller than the clips she had. Long story to say I scrapped the whole deer-antler garland because they are just too heavy and bought fake berries and stuck in instead. It's okay. I'll be fine. Really.

My collection of Santas greet you when you enter the Family room.

Let's look in our bedroom! Remember when I showed you how to make this? For Christmas we found these cool glittery leaves and "berries" in gold and bronze. Larry actually spotted them first, and we both thought they would look very cool with the copper. I like how it turned out.

I found this guy at The Nester's Etsy shop. LOVED him! Ignore the phone please! He looks really nice hanging from the switch on this lamp beside the bed.

LOVED him so much I got him too! I didn't want to leave Larry out! This guy is HUGE! He's as tall as the lamp. Don't those Tums look nice...
Our tour is almost over for now. This is the other corner of our room.

I hope you enjoyed the tour! Hopefully I will get organized enough to join in on BooMama's fun ON TIME next year!
Merry Christmas!


Marina Capano said...

hi! just beautiful deco!
greetings from Argentina!

Shannon said...

Thanks for the tour! Just beautiful! I love the nativities.

Bonita said...

So you're the one that bought that Santa from Nester that I wanted to get for my mom! Aha! He looks lovely.

The blues on your tree are so pretty and I really like the gold things too.

Nice decorating and I'll forgive you for buying the Santa. LOL!

scrap fairy said...

Soooo Pretty! Loved the tour-I feel like I've been to your house now!
Also--LOVE the new blog title that you made! Great picture of you 2!

Carol said...

Beautiful! Love your fireplace! Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us.

Merry Christmas from She Lives!

The Nester said...

1. I so have tums sitting right next to my bed too!

2. I loved that you had antlers ANTLERS people in your garland!

3. I am so sad it was hard to keep up there!

4. your tassels look very happy--thanks for giving them such a great home!

5. love the gold/copper berry leafy thing!

Noah's Mommy said...

Love all of your Christmas Decorations...they are awesome....I love nativity scenes too...

Kelli said...

Thank you for having us over to your beautiful home! I love your fireplace!

pattimae2706 said...

Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Much inspiration is gathered from your pictures!! :) Many Christmas blessings to you and Larry.

pattimae2706 said...

Very beautiful!! Much inspiration is gathered from your postings!! Many Christmas blessings to you and Larry. :)