Friday, October 24, 2008

Do you think I'm pretty??

Would you believe that this...

Could become this?

You will need a few supplies. A pair of scissors to cut your ribbon, some wired ribbon and a pair of wire cutters.

Two packages of copper pot scrubbers. Six Individual scrubbers.
The container of your choice. I got this one here. It is called the Renaissance Hurricane, item 40804 on page 25!
Your choice of fall foliage. Go out in your yard and get some clippings from trees! I don't like bugs, so I went with fake - thus the need for wire clippers. Trim the ends once you have the shape you want. I just kept adding a stem, one at a time, building a "bouquet" in one hand. I bent the stem where I wanted it cut and then trimmed them all at once. If the thought of this scares you, buy a ready made bouquet!
Unroll those scrubbers! Kind of like unrolling a pair of pantyhose! Push down in the center and the wire should pop loose fairly easily. Line the glass cylinder with the scrubbers, leaving room in the center for your stems. If you are using fresh flowers, I would put half of the scrubbers in, arrange your flowers, and then fill in with the remaining scrubbers.
Cut the wired ribbon to your desired length, and tie a bow! I like the ribbon with wired edges because it is much easier to get the bow to stay how you want it! Wasn't that easy? You can do it!


scrap fairy said...

That looks beautiful! I just love the copper scrubber idea~I'll have to try it. Was Larry looking at you weird when you were taking these pics?? :)

Shannon said...

Looks great! What a great idea!

PS In response to your comment, the laundry is finished. :) I don't want too many things up on top of the cabinets to dust! :)

Lela said...

Now THAT is crafty! I wonder if it would work with the colorful plastic ones as well. I'm thinking for kids parties and such.