Friday, October 17, 2008

Craft Fair Weekend

We live in Northwest Arkansas. The third weekend in October is known as "War Eagle Weekend". I love, Love, LOVE this time of year! Our population increases by upwards of 40,000 people for this one week in October. Crafters from all over the country come to our area to buy and sell hand crafted items. Most of them will book their room at the hotel this year for next year! Car loads of women plan their annual "Girls Only" weekend to come here for the fairs. Unfortunately our road construction hasn't quite kept up with the growth for this area, but it is MUCH better than it was when we moved here in 1983!
For a few years, I sold some of my hand made items in a booth along with things my Grandmother had crocheted and my Aunt usually had a few things she had sewn. They would make the trip down from Iowa and spend the week with us. You only have a certain amount of time that you are allowed to set up your booth. We had to haul tables to display our items and chairs so we had a place to perch all day, plus all the things that we had spent hours creating. Did I mention it almost ALWAYS rains?? We would sit out there in a tent all day and I would inevitably get sick soon after. I have much admiration for the craftsmen that make their living going from one festival to the next.
So all of that to say, now I enjoy going to the festivals and supporting these artists while doing my part for the economy! Larry and I were able to get to the John Q. Hammons convention center tonight after work. I scored! Check out all this loot:

WHAT are these you ask? I'll come back to this...

Chocolate brown velvet crinkle skirt, brown shawl made from the softest yarn I have ever felt - I can't wait to snuggle up in it!! Black rhinestone tshirt and gold Necklace/earring set. All of these from the same booth!

Thermal knit black shirt with LONG sleeves, bronze, gold, silver, red and blue rhinestones. Love this!
I got so excited when I saw this I squealed! Right there in the middle of the aisle. Larry walked on ahead of me then, but I made him come back. I rarely find things I like with "My" verse on it. So it had to come home with me. Larry even paid! Maybe he was ready to go...

And WHAT are those three weird looking things?

You snap them on to any can and it keeps the bugs from getting in and the fizz from getting out! AND, you don't have to drink from the metal can. They are even dishwasher safe! Pretty cool, huh? I bet you wish you had some!


Shannon said...

I LOVED War Eagle this weekend and will be showing my finds soon! You got some great stuff!

Sherri's Southern Style said...

I can't wait to see what you got Shannon! Aren't the craft fairs awesome? We had perfect weather this time!