Sunday, October 19, 2008

Craft Fair - part two!

Saturday afternoon I took my Mom out to a couple of the craft fairs. It's easier for both of us to walk on a level surface, so I took her to the Convention center and the Frisco Station Mall. Naturally, I found a few more things to bring home!

I had seen these Friday night and really liked them, but I wanted to be sure they would work where I thought I wanted them. I purchased two floral/feather arrangements from these people last year, and did not get a business card either time! I decided they would work, and here's where they went:

Sorry this is a little blurry, the morning sun is coming in the family room windows. I had just the two baskets of "plants" on top of the Entertainment center, and was never really satisfied with that look. I wanted something else with some height, because we have ten foot ceilings and I wanted something besides the TV to look at!

Here's a little closer look. I really like how this looks now. There isn't a big hole in between two fake plants! Nester probably would not approve of this, but since there aren't any decorating rules and it's my house - it's staying!

I got a little Bling for myself! This was created by Janet Bujarski of "Coup de Rouge" (that means "A touch of red") here from Lebanon, Missouri. The matching earrings will be mailed out this week. The pearls are a champagne color, with Swarvarski crystals and onyx beads. The pendent is Cubic Zirconia. It's gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it!

Here's where the wall hanging with my verse went. It's in our bedroom, just inside the door so I will see it everyday! This was made by April Turner of "The Added Touch" She had some beautiful things in her booth They were here from Rose Hill, Kansas.

Well that's it for Craft Fair Loot 2008! I hope you enjoyed the tour.


scrap fairy said...

Ooooh! looks like you scored some pretty stuff!

pattimae2706 said...

Those are nice. Thanks for sharing. You got even more treasures just by being with your mom. Sweet!

Shannon said...

Love these finds too!! It looks like those pieces were made for your TV Cabinet and I love where you hung your verse.