Monday, December 1, 2008

Conversations with Randy

It's official ya'll - I'm a GROUPIE!!! Tonight my Handsome Prince and I headed to Walmart* after work to stand in line with a BUNCH of other, ahem, old folks.
Randy Owen, the lead singer of Alabama, has released a new solo album and a new book. He was at Walmart* to sign copies of them, and since we have had many a good time listening to his music, we were THERE! Here is my Handsome Prince being a good sport about having his picture taken IN WALMART. He's been told a time or two that he kind of looks like Randy! See all those people in line behind us? We were very excited that we got there when we did. I went right to the books and got one, and then to the CD's while Larry got in line and held our place. People were lined up the full length of the aisle, all the way back to the shoe department and winding back towards the fabric department.

Here he comes! You can barely see his head above the "Unbeatable" sign. Look right below the sign that says "picture" beside the SmartStyle sign. We were only that far back in line.

It was finally our turn! I actually went ahead of Larry, so I could get his picture with Randy. I can call him by his first name now, because we became BFF's tonight. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: Hi Randy! It's great to see you again!

Randy Owen: It's great to see you to! (He remembers me!!)

Me: I really want to Thank You for providing my Husband and I with some great entertainment over the years.

RO: Really? When did you get married?

Me: On the 10th of this month it will be 25 years.

RO: Wow! Isn't that the Silver Anniversary?

Me: Yes it is

RO: What are you going to do? Anything special?

Me: We are going to Branson, where we watched you perform many times over the years.

RO: That isn't very far, is it?

Me: No, a couple of hours.

RO: How far away is Mountain Home?

Me: A couple of hours.

RO: I have a friend there. Used to be a turkey farmer.

He's done signing my CD now, and the big burly body guards are kind of looking at me like I should move on. I'm wanting to be sure he is done talking about his friend the turkey farmer from Mountain Home. When I decided he was...

Me: Thank You! You have a Merry Christmas Randy!

RO: Thank You, you do the same.

Larry got to wish him a Happy Birthday. (It's the 13th of December, for all you Non-Groupies out there)

I took this one when we were able to wade through the sea of people that decided NOT to wait in line, but just stand there in the way so that all of us that WAITED OUR TURN couldn't get a good photo.

Here's our loot!
Born Country book - $17.96
One on One CD - $9.00
Standing in line for over an hour for a conversation with Randy - PRICELESS


scrap fairy said...

How exciting!!! And Larry does look like him.

Sherri's Southern Style said...

It was exciting! I think Larry was a little disappointed that Randy talked so long to me :)
Back when Alabama was touring, and really in the spotlight, we had many experiences that became uncomfortable because people thought they "saw" Randy. We had to run through a parking lot once!

lo137 said...

Hi Sherri,

My name is Laura Ortberg, and I am the assistant publicist with HarperOne--we published 'Born Country.' I read your post with interest, and am so glad to see it looks like you had a great time! I wanted to let you know that there is a great link that you can look at and share with your visitors, where you can read an excerpt of this book online for free! Just copy/paste the URL below:

and enjoy!

Merry Christmas,
Laura Ortberg

pattimae2706 said...

How cool is that???!!!!! Thanks for sharing. And I agree... Larry does look a bit like Randy.

Shannon said...

HOw fun!! I've done this a couple of times for authors and it is always fun. Ya'll had a great conversation and sound like BFF now! :)