Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Icy Days

Like everyone else in NW Arkansas, we have been iced in for the past two days. We are VERY fortunate, because we still have power! The lights have flickered several times and we hold our breath every time, but our electricity is still hanging in there. We've kept the fireplace roaring, so it's been warm and toasty inside, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the time off.
I love going outside when it snows (or ices, like it has this time) and "listening" to the stillness. It is so awesome to me that you can hear the flakes falling and everything is so clean and beautiful. Here are a few pictures I took yesterday. This is looking out our Living Room window.

You can't see them real well here, but there were three or four little birds on the hay bales. I think they were trying to make a nest to stay warm! I've been nagging Larry to get them off the porch since the day after Thanksgiving. Now he feels justified "because the birds needed it".

These pictures (below) are looking out the kitchen window. We do have a few limbs down now, but we are feeling very fortunate that it doesn't look anything like Springdale and Fayetteville. They have some serious storm damage there.

Hope you are staying warm and toasty!

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