Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How to make a Spring Centerpiece: Filigree Iron Candlestand

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to do a little decorating! Since American Idol completely messed up my schedule this evening, I decided to be a little bit productive.
The Nester recently did a series called "10 Minutes to a room you will Love". It was encouraging, a little kick in the pants if you will, to take a few minutes, "shop" your house and use things you already have to make our homes beautiful. Because we're worth it!

I had not decorated my Dining Room since I put the Christmas decorations away. It was looking a little bare, and making me a little sad. I don't like an empty table! I have a LOT of pretty things (I have a small obsession with dishes. and serving pieces. It's an addiction really...) SO, I gathered a few things I had around the house and made a centerpiece this evening. I was a good little blogger and took pictures to show you how to do one too!

I found this throw at Hobby Lobby on clearance for 80% off! I loved the soft colors and the texture of it, plus HELLO! 80% OFF!! Score! So I put that on the table first. Then I got out my Filigree Iron Candlestand (you can see one HERE) and a couple of garlands I had.

See how pretty this is! It's a nice, heavy weight too. Back to the centerpiece...

Work the greenery around the bottom of the candlestand. It doesn't have to be perfect! You want it to look natural - like it grew that way!

Grab some candles. I used two Vanilla 4x6 pillars and four 3x3 cinnamon and nutmeg pillars. The candlestand holds eight, you can use as many candles as you like, this is what I already had. For the two end candle holders, I used a little bird's nest I made with stuff from the craft store.

Then I took some loose silk leaves and just stuck in here and there. If you go to The Lob, in the Floral Department they have a basket full of plastic bags they have filled with random junk. They are usually $1.00 or $2 per bag. I've gotten these a few times and found some real treasures! You know how torn up the stems of flowers get - especially when they have them all at 50% off. They cut up those stems that most of us would call trash and bag them up. That's the stuff I tucked in here. There were even a few feather balls in there.

Isn't that little birdie cute?

Next, I set the table! Those of you that know me, know I LOVE to leave the table set. Might as well show off those pretty dishes! I have used a copper charger (Canterbury Charger for you Southern Living at HOME collectors). On top of that I used my Gallery Collection dinner plate and topped that with the Pacific Accent plate. The colors all blend beautifully with the throw that I found on clearance and am now in love with.

I like how the Tuscan Everyday Baker and Tidbits look with this too!
This took very little time to do, even with stopping to take pictures in between steps! Just a little effort makes a big difference in how the room "Feels". Look around your home - I bet you have lots of pretty things you could try in a different room than you are used to seeing them in. Even my Husband commented on how pretty it looked. That made my little effort worth it!


Lisa said...

Oooh, Aaaah...I love this! The birdnest is so cute in the arrangement!

scrap fairy said...

Wow! That looks really pretty! I love the color combo.

The Nester said...

THE LOB!!!!!

We are soo kindred spirits!

Love the candles love the dishes--great job!