Thursday, February 26, 2009

Round Two: Part Two

**Spoiler Alert!** If you haven't watched the results show for American Idol yet, come back after you've watched!

Another nerve wracking results show! WHY must we drag out to an hour what could happen in FIVE MINUTES? The highlight for me on tonight's show was watching Brooke White perform her new single. I loved her last season!

In addition to dragging the results out a sweet FOREVER, we had severe weather in our area tonight, and our Meteorologist Dan Skopf kept interrupting to bring us the very latest on the storm. Thanks! Dan.

Finally! The results are in. America has voted, and here is who we chose.

Top Female: Allison Iraheta - Good Choice! I got this right. :)

Top Male: Kris Allen - Another Good Choice! Local Guy. Was undecided about him last night and ended up not voting. Glad it worked out for him though!

Third place: Adam Lambert. Relief! It was between him and Nick?/Norman?. I realized too late that the producers were pulling the Tatianna trick on me again this week. That whole "Vote for the worst" thing messes with my brain! Got this one right too! Two out of three again this week!

They gave a few details about how the wild cards will be decided. We have the last group of twelve next week, and then they will choose a final group from the contestants that weren't selected. They will be someone that they felt chose the wrong song, or didn't perform up to their ability. I'm not certain, but I think it will be a final group of twelve, and we will vote for them in two weeks.

So I was pretty happy with the results tonight - what about you? Agree? Disagree? Don't care?


scrap fairy said...

I watched it tonight so now I'm caught up. I was VERY happy with the results! I'm glad some of them might get a wild card 2nd chance! I however, had to fast forward thru Brooke's song. I liked her a lot last season but I just couldn't get thru the song tonight. Maybe I was too tired?

Shannon said...

I agree with all the choices! I was so glad Kris got it just because he is from AR. :)