Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bachelor Finale

So tonight was the episode we have been waiting for FOR MONTHS. It had been called "The most DRAMATIC ending in the history of The Bachelor". Dramatic? Yes. Disappointing? Even more so.

I was really looking forward to this season. I thought Jason got a raw deal with Deanna. Over the course of the season my opinion of him changed. A LOT. Many weeks I found myself having to find something else to "busy myself" with while he made out with every girl on the set. I know this is a dating show, but could we have just a little bit of class?

I was really excited that he chose Melissa. I was for Stephanie at first, and for her sake I'm happy he sent her home now. He wasn't good enough for her. I don't think it helped to ease the hurt any for Melissa that they didn't have a studio audience present when he dumped her. HELLO! You are still on NATIONAL TELEVISION. But the MOST class-less act (in my opinion) this evening is Molly. I would have told the jerk "that ship has sailed" my friend. You made a BAD decision, live with it.

I guess I'll have to tune in again tomorrow night, to see what they have up their sleeve next. I told Larry I would never watch this show again. He countered right back that yes, I would. He's probably right! I'm a sucker for romance...

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