Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol: Results Show

And then there were eleven. Or ARE there? This is where I remind you *SPOILER ALERT**
If you don't want to know the results yet, come back after you've had a chance to watch the show!

The big announcement that was sure to be dramatic, and could possibly Change Everything is called "The Judges Save". Ryan reminded us how we felt when Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry were eliminated. Most of us felt like it was too early, and were totally shocked. This year, the judges will have the opportunity to give someone a second chance. They can only do this once, and it has to be a unanimous decision. They are only allowed to do this through the Top 5, and once they use the save, that is it. Plus, the week after they use it two people are eliminated.

I don't know that I'd call this dramatic, but I kind of like the idea. We are all still voting for the winner, and I for one will ALWAYS be curious if Daughtry hadn't been eliminated so early, would he have won? He's very good, and has had success even without being the "winner", but I still wonder... We'll see how this plays out!

Here's how it went. Dim the lights please. Cue the soft drum roll...
Michael Sarver - safe
Allison Iraheta - safe
Jasmine Murray - go stand at center stage
Matt Giraud - safe
Kris Allen - safe
Megan Joy Corkrey - join Jasmine center stage

Megan is safe, Jasmine is out unless the Judges save her. I will admit that at this point I wasn't fully grasping how the whole "Save" thingy was working. In my head, EACH contestant had one chance at a save. Looking back at that now, especially after just typing that here, I'm wondering WHAT was I thinking?? DST strikes again! Anywho, the judges didn't use the save on Jasmine, so she is done. Such a cutie. I do hope she tries again, I think she is just too young and there are lots of very talented people in this group this season.

Kanye performs for us next. NOT my thing. Found other things to do...

Okay, we're back! Dim the lights and drum roll please...
Scott MacIntyre - safe
Alexis Grace - safe
Danny Gokey - safe (YAY!!)
Anoop Desai - knows to go to center stage even before Ryan tells him to
Adam Lambert - safe
Jorge Nunez - join Anoop center stage
Lil Rounds - safe

Make Anoop and Jorge suffer while Kelly Clarkson chats it up with Ryan and then performs "My life would SUCK without you in it" from her new album. Yes, that really is the title. At this point I'm feeling really OLD, because I thought that song Sucked. In the end, Anoop was safe this week - YAY! and Jorge is going to have to say goodbye, because the judges did not use their one and only save on him.

I agreed with the results tonight - What did you think? What is your opinion of the new rule, The Judges Save? Do you have a favorite yet? Let's discuss!

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