Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Painted Easter Eggs

I love Spring!
Easter is right up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving for my FAVORITE Holidays. So when I ran across these eggs at The LOB I knew I just HAD to have them! They are in the Easter decor aisle, right at the front of the store. I'm not certain what they are made of, I think they are paper mache that they have painted all different pastel colors. The egg is very light weight. I think they are cute just as they are, BUT I wanted to make them even BETTER! I am a firm believer in MORE is BETTER!

I purchased some regular acrylic craft paint. Make sure that it says it works on any surface. I got out some brushes and let my creativity flow! I wanted them to all be different, so I just started free hand making lines and flowers.

My glitter glue pens added a little Bling to each egg. I would draw the glitter on over the paint, and then I used a toothpick to move the glitter around where I wanted it. This also helped to get the air bubbles out. The pens I used were Elmer's, I found them at Wal*Mart with the children's coloring supplies.

See how pretty those swirls are now?

For the Polka dots, I used the other end of the brush, dipped it in the paint and just randomly made the circles all over the egg. I could make all different sizes just by moving the tip of the brush around a bit. Of course, it had to have a little glitter too! The circles actually took a LOT longer to add the bling to, so that would be why I only did one color :). The toothpick is your best friend with this project! You can see where an air bubble blew out too much glitter, I had to improvise a bit!

My Handsome Prince wanted me to try a patchwork egg. I used a pencil to make my square "pattern". The eggs are erasable too! It did help to have a guideline, and then I just randomly painted squares different colors. If I ended up with a certain color side by side, or too close together, I painted over it once it dried. DON'T be SCARED! You could do this too!

The glitter helped to cover some of my lines that weren't exactly perfect! This is probably my favorite!

Easter eggs always have zig-zags on them! I'm not quite finished with this one, but I was far enough along to share it with you. I used the pencil once again to help me make the bands. I made three different sizes, top, middle and bottom. I painted the bands first, then came back and made V's all around them, letting each color dry before adding the next.

I'm just finishing up with the glitter on this pretty baby, and then it will be done. I think I am going after two more eggs tonight. This has been so much fun, and I still have a few more ideas I want to try!

This was really an inexpensive project. We don't do the colored, boiled eggs at our house since we don't have any little ones. And these will last me for years - without the SMELL!

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