Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol Top 10: Results Show

BIG night tonight! An hour jam-packed with performances and surprises. There's much to cover, so let's get right to the **SPOILER ALERT** This post contains all the details from tonight's American Idol results show. If you want to be surprised, come back once you had a chance to watch the show! 36 Million Votes last night. That is the most EVER for the Top 10. Did America get it right? Let's see...

We start things off with the Top 10 performing a medley of Motown hits. They all take turns making sure Scott gets where he needs to be. The Ford commercial was really good this week. I bet that is a lot of fun putting the commercials together. They make it look fun anyway!

Season 2 Idol Reuben is in the house tonight. He performs his latest single "Together". Poor guy is sweating something fierce and Ryan wants to chat. Can't you see this big boy needs to catch his breath Ryan? Give the man (and us) a break! We really just want to know the results! Dim the ligts, here we go:

1. Adam is SAFE
2. Matt is in the bottom 3??? WHAT?? My mind is blown and my gut is rolling. Wow.
3. Kris is SAFE
4. Lil and 5. Michael stand at the same time. Ryan gives us a bit of Idol History, all the other contestants that sang "Heatwave" including Jennifer Hudson ended up in the Bottom 3 that week. Lil however, is SAFE. Michael joins Matt in the hotseats. At least we got this much right.

Josh Stone and Smokey Robinson perform for us next. I really liked this song, "You're the one for me". I'll be the first to admit I rarely listen to anything other than Contempory Christian, and occasionally Country radio, so I have no clue if this was a new song? Old Song? I think Megan is similar in style to Ms. Stone. I still think she should be the one to go home tonight, I just had that thought and thought I'd share.

Dim the lights, here we go again:
6. Allison is SAFE
7. Anoop is SAFE
8. Danny is SAFE - YAY!! Happiness.
9. Scott and 10. Megan stand at the same time. This is where I am thinking we will have the three "M's" in the Bottom 3 - Matt, Michael and Megan. I'm also still thinking Megan is done. And then Ryan announces Scott is in the Bottom 3, and Megan is SAFE. Huh.

This is the part where we stand awkwardly at center stage wondering who Ryan will let off of the hook while he chit chats with them. After a sweet FOREVER, Scott is Safe. This is absolutely blowing my mind. Matt or Michael, Who will it be? For now, Stevie Wonder is going to treat us to another Medley of Motown hits. Love me some Stevie, and he starts out with my song! My Sherri Amour :) (I meant to spell it that way) Was it just me, or was Stevie a little pitchy tonight? And as they panned past the Contestants dancing while he sang, I couldn't help noticing poor Megan just can't dance. It's not just when SHE is singing. Girl got NO rythym.

Okay, dim the lights, here we go. America has voted, and Matt is

SAFE. HUGE sigh. So Michael is singing for his life. They got it right! I don't see the point in the Judge's deliberating about "The Save", since Simon already told him last night he would not win. I will give Sarver props, he went out with class. I think it is the first time he didn't talk back to them, a welcome change.

That's it for this week. What do you think? Did they get it right? Do you have a favorite yet?
Let's Discuss!

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Lisa said...

Our DVR messed up and we didn't have sound the last half of the show! NOT happy! We turned it off and missed Stevie and everything:( I know you're not a big fan, but I am ALL ABOUT Adam Lambert!!! I want him to win!