Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's Tuesday night, must be time for American Idol!

Gosh! This has seemed like a crazy, busy week already - and it's just Tuesday! Time to take my Reality TV break. I have had SO much fun doing these weekly recaps! This is the REALLY exciting part of the show for me. We are down to the Top 9 contestants, and the competition is really heating up! Have you picked your favorite yet? There are so many talented people this season, I don't think I will be too disappointed with whoever the winner is. I do have my favorites - Danny, Matt and Allison and I also have a few that I can't help but wonder, WHY? are they still here? Well, maybe just one now, but still - HOW can Megan still be in this thing? Seriously.

Let's get down to business! The theme tonight is "The most popular downloads from ITunes". They can choose ANY song they want - this should be GOOD!
Anoop Desai went first tonight. He wanted to be more up-beat, so he chose Usher's "Caught up". Personally, I prefer Tender Dawg Anoop. His vocals were okay tonight, just not that spectacular, and I think at this point you have to blow us away. The Judges pretty much agreed with my thoughts, and then Anoop got a little snippy with them. Not good Dude - No Vote.
Megan Joy chose the Bob Marley/Lauren Hill "Turn your lights down low". She absolutely LOVES this song, and she thinks the judges are going to feel her. I did not. I'm still wondering HOW? WHY? Kara thinks she's in trouble, Randy said it was like watching paint dry. No Vote.
Danny Gokey is next. Have I mentioned he's MY FAVORITE?? Danny chose Rascall Flatts' "What Hurts the Most" This song is about losing someone you love - and HE FELT IT. I had goose bumps and a lump in my throat. SO GOOD. Paula said it left her wanting more, Simon said it was his best performance of the season, Randy said that tonight's show just started with that performance and Kara said it moved everyone emotionally. So true! VOTE VOTE VOTE!
Allison Iraheta chose a No Doubt song, "Don't Speak". Allison needs to SERIOUSLY fire her stylist. This outfit is NOT flattering - it added at least 10 pounds and her hair was distracting. This girl can SING IT, and she did. But it wasn't her best. The judges agree with me, Randy even said WHAT? are you wearing? No Vote
Scott MacIntyre got to sing a song by one of his idols - Billy Joel. His version of "Just the way you are" was great, just him and the piano. I agree with the judges, I think this is his best performance so far, but I still don't think he is Idol material. No Vote.
Matt Giraud went with a song by The Fray, "You Found Me". Because he was in the bottom three last week after choosing a song he thought the judges would like, he went with a song for himself this week. I'm not sure it worked for him. He is one of my favorites, but I didn't really care for this performance. The judges basically told him it was a poor song choice, and he needs to decide what kind of performer he is going to be - R&B or Rock? No Vote.
Lil Rounds chose a Celine Dion ballad, "I Surrender". I'm scared for Lil. I really like her, but she seems to be struggling. I think she is WAY better than she has performed the past few weeks. I like her dress, but I'm not liking the wig tonight. There was a really cute moment where one of her little one's went with Ryan over to Randy and was supposed to hit him at Ryan's encouragement. She instead gave him a big ole hug. Sweet. No Vote, by the way.
Adam Lambert chose Wild Cherry's "Play that Funky Music". I loved this song back in the day. I've got lots of good memories of my friends and I singing this at the top of our lungs while cruising up and down main street wasting our parents gas in high school. I hope he doesn't ruin that for me. I wish Paula would sit down! The song was pretty good actually. Judges all thought it was original, Paula mumbled something about genius and Randy thinks he's in the zone. I'm not voting for him though. You can't make me.
Kris Allen is the final contestant tonight. He is leaving the guitar behind tonight, and going with the piano. I didn't know he played piano, hmm. He's chosen "Ain't no Sunshine" - good song. He wants to really "Have a Moment" tonight. I think he did! This was VERY good! Kris just keeps surprising me! The Judges were impressed too. Randy said he Slayed it, Kara is counting on her fingers tonight, three words THAT IS ARTISTRY, Paula thought it was very good and even Simon thought it was a clever song choice, and said that is the Confidence he was talking about. VOTE
So only Danny and Kris got Votes from me tonight.
I think the bottom three will be Anoop, Megan and it could be Matt again. I will once again say I think that Megan should go home. I guess we'll see tomorrow night! What did you think about tonight's show? Let's Discuss!


Rachel said...

I'd have to agree on all counts. Except I loved Lil's hair. I thought she looked fantastic. Oh - and I *think* Allison was trying to pay tribute to Gwen Steffani, lead singer form No Doubt, with the crazy hair and get up. Not saying I approve, but I don't think anyone got it.

Smoochiefrog said...

Kris was freaking awesome, Adam looked like he had a blast, and Megan STILL needs to go home!

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

I absolutely 400 percent agree!! I only voted for Danny and Kris tonight. Adam is just kind of fake to me. But, seriously, I played Danny and Kris over and over until my husband and 3-year-old said "ENOUGH is ENOUGH, MOMMY!!"

Kate said...

Pretty much agree with you...Danny and Kris were my favs, I threw a couple votes for Matt. Not his best last night but do NOT want to see him go home before Scott or Megan. Have a fab day! :D

joeybelle said...

Looks like we agree wholeheartedly on AI!! Great blog, by the way! Looking fwd to reading in the future. Have a great Wednesday!

Stacie said...

i just posted my rundown... kris was my favorite of the night with danny nipping on his heels. and then i liked adam next. (gasp!) i agree it's time for megan to go, but unless the rest of america likes the fray, matt may be gone tonight.

calista said...

Love your post. Of course, birds of a feather....speaking of which, I love your little birdies on your header! Too cute!!