Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AMERICAN IDOL: Top 9 Results Show

**Spoiler Alert** I'm about to tell you everything that happened on tonight's show. Come back later if you don't want to know yet!

36 MILLION Votes last night - another record! Ryan asked Simon who should be worried tonight. He responded (rather quickly) Anoop, Matt and Megan. I'm hoping Megan. We'll see in a little bit. The first performance tonight was the Top 9 doing the classic Journey song, "Don't stop Believin' ". One of my favorite groups, and songs. They did a good job with it!

The Ford commercial was pretty good again this week. Then we were treated to a short video of what the contestants do all week. They all seem to genuinely get along very well. They do impersonations of each other. Very FUNNY!

Okay, Dim the lights, here we go:

Ryan asks Megan, Matt and Kris to stand and move to the far side of the stage.

Adam, Lil (LOVE her outfit tonight), and Allison go to center stage.

Scott, Danny and Anoop form the third group near Ryan. He teases us that one of these three groups represents the bottom three. Who could it be? We will have to wait until after our current Idol, David Cook performs his latest single! I'm so excited for this - I LOVED Cookie last year! "Come Back to Me" is a great song, and after his performance Ryan presented him with a plaque representing his Debut album going Platinum! He has sold over a million copies in just three months - WOW!

Okay, Bring down the lights, let's get to it.

Kris - SAFE
Matt - take a seat. He thinks Bottom 3, then Ryan tells him he is SAFE
Megan - She tells Simon she doesn't care about his opinion. Ryan tells her she is in the Bottom 3, and she does some sort of chicken dance and that "Caw-ing" noise. Good Grief I hope this is it for her.
Lil - SAFE
Allison - Bottom 3
Adam - SAFE
Danny - SAFE (YAY! Happiness!)
Scott - SAFE
Anoop - Bottom 3

The next performer tonight is some chick named Lady Gaga (sp?) singing (Screaming) a song called Poker Face and it just made me feel old. I couldn't wait for it to be over.

Ryan asks the Judges if they would consider using The Save on any of these three? Simon says only One of them. Alright let's find out who is going home.
Allison is Safe.
Anoop is


Which Means MEGAN IS GOING HOME! Thank you Jesus!! Simon told her when she said she did not care, nor do we. They will not consider The Save for her, so this is her swan song. She did graciously Thank everyone, and then got emotional when she said "Baby, Mama's coming home"

Next week the Top 8 will be performing "Songs from the Year they were Born". Should be a good one! So what did you think? Did America get it right? Who do you think is in trouble next? Let's discuss!


Kate said...

Yes, I totally agree about lady ga ga....or gag me please, what the dear???!!! ugh. Bye bye Megan, time for her to go. I'm thinking the poor girl just lost her oompf and missed her baby. I don't know if she meant she didn't care about what Simon thought or just she was gonna sing what she wanted to. Simon was a bit harsh I think. Anyways, but I LOVED David Cook, he was my fav last year! :) Yay!

Shannon said...

I was sooooooooo happy with the results! :)