Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol: Now there are 5

We had a Double Elimination tonight on Idol. The 45 Million Votes have been counted and the results are in. We got to watch Paula be Drill Sargent as she choreographed the Contestants for this week's Disco Group Number. I guess the producers wanted to remind us that Paula has Skilz, that's why they put up with her rambling each week.

Dim the lights, let's get started.

Lil Rounds. Ryan asked her to go take a seat on the far side of the stage, she is in the Bottom 3.
Something distracted me, and before I knew it Ryan was announcing that Lil was in fact, eliminated from the competition. Well at least they aren't dragging it out.

Next up was a medley of disco songs performed by some classic artists. (Respecting our Elders, I am). Freida Payne performed "Band of Gold", Thelma Houston did "Don't Leave me this Way" and KC, without his Sunshine Band "Did a Little Dance, Made a little Love". Let me just say, it appeared that it had been a while since KC last busted a move. He was relieved that it was commercial time.

Speaking of commercials, I'm loving the "Super Freak" Visa Debit card commercial! FUNNY!

Okay, Dim the lights, Let's get back to it.

Kris Allen, is safe.
Adam Lambert, is Safe.
Danny Gokey, is Safe. YAY! Happiness!!
Anoop Desai, is in the bottom three.
Allison Iraheta and Matt Giraud are asked to stand at the same time. Matt was saved last week by the Judges, but he didn't need their help this week. He is safe. Allison joins Anoop on the stools of doom. (Would you call them elimination stools?)

Little David Archuleta was back tonight! He performed "Touch my Hand" and then gave Anoop and Allison some words of encouragement. It was good to see little Archie!

Bring down the lights, here we go.

Anoop is going home. He knew he didn't do his best last night, so he was disappointed.

So what are your thoughts, do you think the right ones went home tonight? Who are your picks for the Top Three?

Let's Discuss!!

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scrap fairy said...

I agree with who went home. My picks for top 3~Kris, Danny & Adam. I want Danny to win it all, but I think Adam probably will.

I was cringing during the disco medley sung by the "classic artists!" They were all out of breath & seemed uncomfortable. I felt the ladies were not dressed age-appropriately nor dancing age-appropriately! Eeeewwww...