Monday, April 13, 2009

Another Craft Project: Topiary

Happy Monday!
I hope you had a great Easter! We had a wonderful weekend. Got a lot of things done around the house, and shared a fabulous meal with my family. Mom had ham and potatoes - Yummy!

On a recent trip to my favorite project store - AKA Hobby Lobby - I spotted the most gorgeous topiary, EVER. Then I saw the price tag, and was certain I was reading that WRONG. Over $100.00 instantly put it out of my price range, even if it did ever make it to a Half Price sale, or a 40% off coupon. The things I loved about it were the iron base, and a Fleur Di Leis finial they had put on top.

I put my "thinking cap" on, and went to the 80% off aisle! I found two heavy iron candle sticks marked down to $6.00 and $8.00. NOW We're TALKIN'! Off to the floral department where I grabbed some of the green Styrofoam balls in two different sizes and a few kinds of moss. The silk bushes were 50% off and I found a fern that looked fairly realistic. Now I needed a finial, so off to the aisle with the drawer pulls, also 50% off. I couldn't find a Fleur Di Leis that would work, but for $2, I liked this one just fine! So for less than $30.00 I have enough materials for TWO topiaries! Much better price, and my Good Friend HGG (hot glue gun) has been missing me anyway! Here's what I started with:

I used Spanish moss on the larger ball that I will use as my base. Work in small sections, putting some glue on the Styrofoam and CAREFULLY place a handful of moss on it. Remember, it is called a HOT glue gun for a reason! :) But it also works the best. I tried the spray adhesive and it doesn't hold as well for this project. For the top ball I used a lime green Reindeer moss.

Once I had the moss glued on both of the Styrofoam balls, I had the Handsome Prince bring me in a stick from the yard. He whittled it a bit on each end to form a point, making it easier to stick in to the foam ball. I cut the silk fern apart, and stuck it in to the Styrofoam. I actually think I need one more, so that will be an outing later this week. To finish it off, I stuck the drawer pull on top!

One down, and one (the shorter one) to go! This is where I decided I had better glue this to the candlestick, because we were leaning just a bit. The picture below is after the glue.

I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out. I'll finish the other one this week, and hopefully have after photos for you then!

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Lisa said...

This turned out great!