Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol: Top 8 Results

Frankie Avalon started the show out tonight. Ryan thought we should go ahead and carry this week's theme over to tonight. It seems that Simon's birth year is 1959 and Frankie had the hit "Venus" that year. They started out showing an old video clip, and before you knew there he was - Frankie in the flesh!

I guess I should issue my **SPOILER ALERT** Come back later if you want to be surprised about tonight's Results show!

Next we were treated to some behind the scenes footage of the Contestants making this week's Ford commercial. They all look like they were having fun! We also learned that Anoop is not a fan of the glitter. He only wore it because they made him! Okay! Dim the lights, Let's get to it.

1. ADAM - safe
2. KRIS - safe
3. ANOOP - Bottom 3

He has to squirm and worry while a bunch of people come out on stage. This is where I remind you once again that I RARELY listen to anything other than Contemporary Christian or Country music. The audience seems really excited that someone called FLO RIDA is about to perform. I would have spelled it Flow Rider, but the kind people at FOX put it right up there on the screen for me. Are they a group? Or is it just the guy with lots of back up? If Ryan had not said the name, I would have thought we were going to see a vacation video for the Sunshine State. All I know for certain is that if the "songs from the year they were born" theme didn't make me feel sufficiently old - this performance was the icing on the cake!

Bring down the lights, back to the results.

4. DANNY - safe YAY! Happiness!
5. MATT - safe
6. SCOTT - Bottom 3
7. ALLISON and 8. LIL. One is safe, the other joins Anoop and Scott on the stools. Allison is safe, and Lil has to join the boys on the other side of the stage.

Ryan asks Simon about "The Save" and if he thinks they may use it this evening. They can only use it once, and they only have 3 more weeks that it is good. (kind of humorous to me, The Save has an expiration date) Anyway, Simon says that there are one or two that they would consider using it on tonight. I'm guessing he was referring to Anoop and Lil.

Season 5 Contestant Kelli Pickler stopped by tonight. She is cute! I'm not sure I'm liking her new 'Do, but I wish I had that Bod! Not my Favorite performer, but she's cute. And she helped fill the hour.

Time to send one Contestant back to Safety. Ryan quickly puts Lil out of her misery and sends her back to the couch. So we're down to Anoop or Scott. Who is it going to be? There were 34 Million votes last night, and only 30,000 seperate these two. Gee, I bet that makes them feel better - NOT! Anoop is Safe, Scott is singing for his life.

I actually think Scott sang a little better tonight. The Judges were split 2-2, so Simon had to make the final decision and Scott is going home. He showed a lot of class. I am really conflicted about this. I was pretty sure he was going home, but it still makes me sad. He is very talented, but Scott isn't the American Idol. I hope that he has caught the attention of the industry, and can have a successful career.

That's it for this week! What did you think? Agree? Disagree? Let's Discuss!

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scrap fairy said...

I am FINALLY caught up as of last night!!!! So now I don't have to avoid your blog like the plague!
And I had a dream about Danny Gokey last night! LOL!
I'm happy with the results so far. I think it was Scott's time to go, although he's very talented, it's getting down to nitty gritty!

Also-LOVE the background & header-so pretty!
Nice topiary,too!