Thursday, March 19, 2009

American Idol: Top 11 Results Show

As always, I want to remind you of the **Spoiler Alert** Come back later if you don't want to know who was eliminated on Wednesday night.

Ryan started right out promising that tonight's results could shock us, and quickly reminded us we have one Judge's Save, would they use it tonight? We'll see...

The group performed "T R O U B L E" with Scott MacIntyre on the piano. I think it is great that they are keeping him involved in these group ensembles while being respectful of his handicap. He is a very talented pianist, so that was the perfect task for him instead of making him try to bust a move (and possibly a leg!) on the stage with the rest of the contestants.

Getting down to business, we are reminded that whoever is eliminated will NOT be joining the rest of the group on tour this summer. Just one more reason they want to make it in to the Top Ten! Dim the lights, here we go:

Danny, SAFE (Happiness! He is my Favorite! Have I mentioned this?)
Anoop, SAFE (Good for you NoopDawg!)
Allison and Michael are asked to stand at the same time. Allison is sent to one of the three stools on the other side of the stage. Sarver thinks he is safe and sits down, but Ryan sends him over to join Allison.

The two of them are made to sweat it out while Brad Paisley performs his new single "I thought I loved you then". I love Brad Paisley. I love how you KNOW he wrote that song and is singing it for his pretty little wife Kim. Is it just me, or is it every girl's dream to have your man sing you love songs? sigh

Back to business!
Scott, SAFE
Megan Joy (Who evidently has lost her last name), SAFE
Matt, SAFE
Kris, SAFE

That just leaves Alexis and Adam. This is where I'm thinking MAYBE America got it right and voted Adam out after that disrespectful performance of a Johnny Cash CLASSIC. But no, Adam is safe and Alexis is sent to join Allison and Michael across the stage. Ryan then announces he will put one of them at ease before our special performance, and sends Allison back to join the others. The 16 year old is safe for another week, and going on tour this summer.

Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis perform one of Randy's classics, "I told you so". Larry and I haven't always watched Idol. We didn't get on the bandwagon until the season that Carrie was a contestant (Season 3? or 4?) I was for her from the start because she was from a town in Oklahoma that is near where we live. I think she has a beautiful voice, and she is truly grateful for the opportunities that American Idol has given her. Plus, I think she is a nice girl! AND I LOVE her hair cut! But I'm rambling...

Back to business! Ryan asks Simon if they would consider using The Save on either Michael or Alexis. Simon revealed that they had talked about it, and one of the two they were considering using it. Hmm I feel like it is too early to see them use it, since they can only save one person. I think they would have used it on Adam, had he been the one to go this early. Anyway, Dim the lights, the contestant with the lowest number of votes this week is:


Not who I was expecting. Simon reveals that she is the one they are considering using The Save on, and her performance with determine what they do. Poor girl has to sing for her Idol life. I think the pressure got to her, because that didn't sound as good as the night before. Ultimately, the judges decide to send her home. Paula leaves her with a final bit of encouragement - "Your life will never be the same". Whatever, Paula.

Next week is the Tribute to Motown. Should be good! The show will be on Wednesday and Thursday next week, due to the President speaking on Tuesday night. So check you DVR's so you don't miss anything! Especially if you are on Spring Break like everyone around here will be next week!

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Pajama Mama said...

Like your blog layout, too...heehee.

I thought Carrie and Randy's duet was one of the best "star" performances to date on AI. I, however, didn't like her new hairdo and we're all hoping it's a wig!