Friday, March 6, 2009

URGENT! Prayer Request.

**Edited to add 3/7/09 Jaxon was admitted to ACH last night. They are still running tests, but Jaxon's kidneys are functioning at 50% right now, and he has very high blood pressure that they are trying to determine the cause. The Doctors do feel that he is 100% treatable, so that is GOOD news! Thank you so much for your prayers! We will continue to update as we can.

Please be in prayer for family RIGHT NOW.

My brother Royce and his wife Tammy are driving to Little Rock to the Children's Hospital with Jaxon, their youngest. He is 5, and complained last Thursday about a red spot on his leg hurting. They took him to an after hours clinic and couldn't find anything wrong. Friday he was screaming because it hurt to touch it, and he could hardly walk. Back to the clinic, gave him some pain meds and sent him home. Saturday Tammy took him to the emergency room because he still hurt so bad. They determined he had a very bad kidney infection, gave him some antibiotics and sent him home. They have monitored him all week, this morning Tammy noticed some swelling in Jaxon's face and took him back to the Dr. They called us this afternoon saying the Dr sent them to LR because Jaxon's kidneys are failing fast.

Please be in prayer for a safe journey for Royce and Tammy. I'm sure he's driving too fast.
Wisdom for the Doctors - determining WHAT is wrong and the best treatment
My family, peace while we wait for some answers
Thank you!

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scrap fairy said...

We'll be praying! Give us an update as soon as you hear something!