Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And now there are Nine...

I was very pleased with the results show for American Idol tonight. **SPOILER ALERT** Don't read any further if you haven't watched it yet and don't want to know!

It didn't seem like they drug things out as bad tonight. The little group performance was cute. I appreciated that they took Scott's disability into consideration when they did the choreography. I would hate for him to trip or something while trying to do a dance. They got right down to business, which surprised me. I figured out why towards the end of the show!

So what did you think of the results tonight? I was right on the money this week! YOO HOO!

Top Female was Lil Rounds
Top Male was Scott MacIntyre
Third Place went to Jorge Nunez

I was disappointed that Ju'Not didn't make it. I really liked him. I was hoping he would get one of the Wild Card spots. THAT was the reason they picked up the pace tonight. So here is what I know about how the Wild Card deal is going to work. The judges picked eight contestants that they felt deserved another chance from all of the remaining contestants. These eight are going to perform one more time tomorrow evening. Then they will pick three from those eight to move on to the Top 12. I'm not clear on whether we will vote for these, but I'm thinking no, since I think we find out the results tomorrow night as well.

Here are the eight that get another chance:
1. Von Smith from group three tonight
2. Jasmine Murray from group two that performed 2/25
3. Ricky Braddy (one of my choices!) from group one that performed on 2/17
4. Megan Joy Corkrey from group two
5. LORD HELP US! Tatianna Del Toro from group one WHY??
6. Matt Giraud from group two
7. Jessie Langseth from group two
8. Anoop "'NoopDog" Desai from group one YAY!

So that makes our Top 12 so far:
1. Danny Gokey
2. Alexis Grace
3. Michael Sarver

4. Kris Allen
5. Allison Iraheta
6. Adam Lambert

7. Scott MacIntyre
8. Lil Rounds
9. Jorge Nunez

The boys are out-numbering the girls, so are they going to try and even this up? I hope they just go by the talent each of them has, and not worry about having 6 boys and 6 girls. I would like to see Jasmine, Ricky and Anoop do well enough to make the Top 12. Can't wait to see tomorrow night's show! I'll be back to talk about then!

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