Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Round 2: American Idol Top 36

My TV week is all messed up! I have programming designated for each night of the week, and they have thrown me all off with this moving stuff around:) The Programmer guys must not know that I thrive on STRUCTURE!

***SPOILER ALERT*** Do not read any further if you have DVR'd tonight's epsiode!
Getting down to business, tonight was the second group of twelve. Can I just say how disappointing this whole group was? It was really hard to choose favorites tonight. Here is my opinion of tonight's performances.

17 year old Jasmine Murray started the evening with "Love Song". It was a little pitchy for us. No Vote.

Matt Giraud was next. I like Coldplay's version better, and I would have to say I agreed with the judges, this was not a good song choice for Matt. No Vote.

Bartender Jeanine Vailes chose Maroon 5's "This Love". She is a judge favorite, with good reason. However, I think the nerves got the best of her. She sounded really pitchy in places. I don't think she did herself justice. Sadly, No Vote.

I'm still not sure how this guy made it to the top 36. Nick Mitchell, AKA Norman Gentle. He can't decide which personality to be. Norman showed up tonight. Maybe Nick should have. Either way, No Vote here.

16 year old Allison Iraheta chose Heart's "Alone". I was immediately scared for her when she said that was her song choice. There are not that many that can pull this song off, and judging from her interview with Ryan before she performed, self confidence seemed to be an issue. Boy was I wrong! She NAILED IT! She got a VOTE.

Kris Allen is a local boy from Conway, AR. We've heard about him on our local FOX station quite a bit, so we were really looking forward to hearing him tonight. He chose Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror". Again, I was scared - HELLO! Michael Jackson! I thought he did a pretty good job with it actually. I was on the fence about voting for him. I don't like to vote for everyone, because really, what would be the point? I like to choose my top picks for the night. Kris was put in the maybe category, and got bumped in the end. No Vote.

Megan Joy Corkrey sang "Put your Records on". This is one of those songs that sounds kind of pitchy to me, even when it's sung right. She looked cute as button in her little white dress. Except for the tat that runs the entire length of her arm. I'm just not a fan of the ginormous ink blob. I'm okay with tiny little tats on other people. A little dolphin here, a cross with your husband's initials there. Just not the entire body. And not on me. Anyway, I was on the fence with Megan too, and she got bumped. No Vote.

The Welder from Bixby, Ok was up next. Matt Breitzke sang "If you could only see". The judges all hated it. Thought he was forgettable. I thought it was wonderful, and Matt got a Vote.

Jesse Langseth chose "Bette Davis Eyes" by Kim Carnes. She has a great personality, and you could tell she really connected with the song. Once again, she got put on the maybe list, only to be bumped in the end. No Vote.

Kai Kalama had his sweet Momma in the audience tonight. He sang his big heart out for her. The judges thought he chose a song that was too safe. I thought his rendition of "What becomes of the Brokenhearted" was wonderful. I'm also a sucker for a guy who gives up everything to take care of his Momma when she's sick. VOTE.

18 year old Mishavonna Henson tried out last year and was dropped during Hollywood week. She spent this past year doing everything she could to improve. She sang "Drops of Jupiter". I thought she sounded pretty darn good. VOTE.

Our final performance of the night was one of the frontrunner's, Adam Lambert. He sang "Satisfaction". I will say I had pretty high expectations for Adam tonight, and I was a little disappointed. He did good, but I have heard better from him. I don't think I got any satisfaction! I think he'll be safe tonight though.

I normally like to just vote for two or three of my favorites. Tonight I ended up voting for five. Not that they were all that great, I just couldn't make up my mind about some of them. And I think there were a couple of sympathy votes. Here's how I voted:
Females - Allison and Mishavonna
Males - Mat, Kai and Adam

We'll see how well I did tomorrow! Who did you like tonight?

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scrap fairy said...

I was holding off reading this because I hadn't watched the episode yet. I just watched it last night & I agree with you-my votes are def. for Mishavonna, Allison and was a little on the fence about Kris, but I want him to go on. I haven't watched the results show yet, so I'm NOT reading your post on that yet!
Oh, and I agree about the tattoos-a small dolphin is nice! ;)