Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two out of three ain't bad...

**Edited to add SPOILER ALERT! If you DVR'd American Idol and don't want to know the results yet - DON'T Read any further until you've watched the show!**

Tonight was the results show for the first elimination round on American Idol. Isn't it amazing how they can drag a five minute show into a full hour? And the DRAMA! I was a nervous wreck before it was over! (I am only half kidding!)

After much reviewing of last nights performances, their journey thus far, small talk with the judges AND the contestants, and nail biting on my part we FINALLY got around to the results.
I'm not going to make you suffer like the producers did to me! Here we go with the top vote getters this week:

Top Male - Danny Gokey (this makes me so happy!)
Top Female - Alexis Grace (I love this name! She's pretty cute too)
Next Top Votes - Michael Sarver (the Rough Neck)

I'm good with these decisions, mostly because Tatiana is hopefully done. PLEASE don't let her get a Wild Card! She was back to her emotional self tonight. If I were the other contestants, I would be scared! I really thought that Ricky Braddy would get through, but I guess I should have known better, since we haven't really seen anything about him until last night's performance.

So what did you think about Round One? Agree with the results? Disagree? Don't watch/don't care? Until next week!


scrap fairy said...

I did NOT read this post that I'm commenting on because I have DVR'd last night's & tonight's Idol episodes & haven't watched them yet! I didn't want to know anything ahead of time-but I did want to tell you that yes, you indeed have mentioned how cute Mason is ;) and Thanks!!! LOL

a boy a girl and a pug said...

Sadly, I'm not an AI watcher. I always seem to miss it. But I did want to comment and thank you for your suggestions on my blog! Have a great day!

Shannon said...

I was pretty happy last night although I do like Anoop!