Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol Results Show and a Reminder! Giveaway is Friday!

Over 88 MILLION Votes.

And less than One Million separate the Top Two.

**SPOILER ALERT** Go read my Monday post, leave a comment to enter my Giveaway, and come back after you have watched tonight's results show! I'll announce the winner of the Gail Pittman Bountiful Cross on Friday:)

It was a busy night on Idol tonight. Lot's of "Fill" for the hour show. Alicia Keyes stopped by with an Idol gives back update and she introduced a young man named Noah who performed a song that he learned this week. Jordin Sparks, Season 6 Idol performed her new single "Battlefield".
And Katy Perry sang "Wakin' up in Vegas".

Remember when the results show was only 30 minutes? I want that back...

We were treated to video footage from each of the Top Three going on their home town visits. Danny got to be reunited with his good friend Jamar when he went home to Milwaukee. Jamar SO should have been picked instead of that crazy Norman/Nick guy. Danny has overcome, and grown alot during the last 10 months. He is my favorite, and I can't wait to buy his album! I know it will be good. I love his voice.

Kris came home to Arkansas and we gave him the royal treatment. His Daddy cried when he saw Kris the first time since he's been in Hollywood. (I did too!) I think Kris was most excited that he got a gift from his Favorite Restaurant - free cheese dip for LIFE! It's the little things in life, isn't it?

Side note - I'm so excited about GLEE next week!

Adam had some crazy big crowds in San Diego. He visited the local FOX station where he shared eyeliner application tips with the weather girl. He got to go back to The MET where he performed when he was a 10 year old. He even had a girl jump up on stage and pull her top off at one of his appearances. It takes all kinds...

Let me just say I have not had a good feeling about how the results are going to go this evening. My "dream finale" would be Kris and Danny, but I just don't see that happening. Even though my Danny has never been in the bottom three, I am worried for him tonight.

Okay, Dim the Lights, here we go...

The First Contestant that has made it to the Finale next week is:


His Daddy is crying again. So am I. The local boy is making us proud! Even though I wasn't on board from the very beginning, Kris has really won me over more and more every week.

So it comes down to Danny and Adam. Many thought this would be the final two. I am now really certain I am not going to like this next announcement.

Who will it be?


Yep. My Danny's going home.

And I cried again when he sang "You are so Beautiful"
I know Sophia is looking down on him, beaming with pride.

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scrap fairy said...

Can I just admit that I was bawling during the homecoming parts?
We lost our poor Danny :( Oh well-it doesn't matter if he didn't win the whole thing (but it would've been nice!)