Friday, May 15, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Those of you that have stopped over from Kelly's Show Us Where You Live Tour - Welcome! I have a tour of my Guest room too, but I need to take care of a bit of business first. I had a little giveaway this week to celebrate my One Hundredth Post, and I need to announce the winner!
We went really high-tech determining the winner:) I put every one's name in a dish, and my Handsome Prince drew one name out. Congratulations Lisa!! Thank you for your sweet comments, and I will be delivering your prize to you soon.

Now for the reason you are here!
Welcome to our Guest Room! This is one of my very favorite rooms in our house. LOTS of very special things are in this room. This is the view as you come down the hall from the Formal Living Room. I spent a weekend painting the walls a cheerful shade of pale yellow and all the wood work is painted Gloss White.

I am VERY Blessed to have several of the quilts that my Grandmother and Great-Grandma made. This pretty pink rose quilt on the bed was made by my Grandmother Johnson and given to Larry and I when we were married. Grandma was very proud of the fact that she made each of her grandchildren a quilt as a wedding gift. This quilt is special to me because Grandma taught me to cross-stitch and she cross-stitched the squares and then hand pieced the squares together. She also made the crocheted throw pillows you see on the bed.

I also love Bunnies! There are many in this room. Here is a close-up of one of the tassels I got from The Nester. LOVE IT! He looks so proud hanging there with all his lush frilliness! I also love my white crocheted curtains I found at WAL*MART! They are perfect in this room.

The Bed from the other side of the room. I have a few babies too...

The wall opposite of the bed. We got the vanity and dresser from Larry's sister Deborah. It was painted Bright blue with white trim before we were able to have it refinished. I am very pleased with how it turned out. The baby carriage was a gift from my Mother-In-Law.

Special Family photos. Top Row: Left to right we have my Grandparent and Great Grandparents on my Daddy's side, three Generations of wedding photos (My Great Grandparents, my Parents and my Grandparents on my Mom's side) More old family photos of my Mom's family. Bottom row: The Handsome Prince's Family photo, the smaller photograph is the last Thanksgiving before his Sister Deb passed away. The long skinny one is my Great Grandma Eckman's farm. The family is standing in the yard, and my Grandma was just a young girl. The Baby picture and shoes are my Mommy's, along with a more recent photograph of them.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a great weekend!!


Dianne said...

Hey Sherri, I love your sense of humor and the bedroom is great. I especially like the old dresser and the old baby carriage. Thanks for letting us tour.

scrap fairy said...

Great tour-you have a lot of sentimental things in there!

And I may have to steal the cross from my mom!!!

Lisa said...

WOW! Thanks for drawing my name, Larry!
I love the antiques and meaningful, sentimental pictures and all that you have in your guest room. It's beautiful!

The Stain Family said...

Wow, that dresser is amazing...I can't believe you were able to restore it after it had been painted. Love the tassel! I'm also a fan of The Nester. :)