Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our American Idol is...

The songs have been sung and the votes have been cast. Another season of American Idol is coming to a close tonight. Yes, I was one of the just under 100 MILLION votes cast last night. It took me until 10:15 to get through, but I was bound and determined that my favorite was going to have my vote! I have to wonder how many millions of people gave up because they had better things to do? Like sleep:) Some people actually have a life...

The two hour show began tonight with a look back at our journey this season. They had some cute video clips of the Judges and their little "quirks". Randy with his "For me, For you, for me", Kara and how she always says "Sweetie", Paula with the way she butchers the vocabulary and Simon - "What?"

The Top 13 started us out musically tonight with "So What?" Man this was a great group this year - lots of talent!

Our reigning Idol, David Cook is performing for the last time as the American Idol. "Permanent" was a VERY powerful, emotional song. David's older brother lost his battle with brain cancer earlier this month. This song will be available on iTunes and proceeds from the downloads will go to ABC squared to help with cancer research. It is a great song, and it reminded me why I loved him so much last year!

Every year they have the Golden Idol Awards that they hand out to those memorable contestants or wannabe's. The first award of the night was for the Outstanding Male, and went to Nick Mitchell - AKA Norman Gentle. I am still shaking my head on this one. WHY he wasn't dismissed during auditions I will never understand.

Next up is the first duet of the night. Lil Rounds got to sing with Queen Latifah. They did "Que the Rain" and Lil did great. She just needs to relax and she'll do fine. Jason Mraz stopped by to sing "I'm Yours" with Anoop, Alexis and a few of the other Top 12.

Kris Allen and KEITH URBAN y'all! performed "Kiss a Girl" Oh my GOODNESS! That was such a treat. I bet if you asked Kris right now, he would say that was one of the highlights of the season for him. Win or Lose.

Oh my Gosh! I forgot about Jasmine! OOPS!

Time for another Golden Idol. This time for Outstanding Attitude. The award goes to Bikini Girl. She comes out in a bikini again to prove she can sing (she still can't) and is joined by Judge Kara proving that she can. And then Judge Kara surprises us all by flashing open her dress to reveal a very nice bikini body. We then learn as she is clutching the dress closed that she did this on a dare with proceeds from the bet going to her favorite charity. The Handsome Prince then turns to me to ask, "We are recording this, aren't we?" LOVE this man.

OH! My little Danny Gokey is singing "Hello". LOVE me some Lionel Richie. OH MY!! There he is! Two of my very FAVORITE people! I will totally buy Danny's CD. sigh

Now Adam is singing one of my favorites, "Beth". What the heck is he wearing? Some sort of black alien costume. Oh, his performance is with KISS. Not at all obvious who the Judges, Producers and everyone affiliated with this show are for. Come on.

WOW! They have some great guest performances tonight. Santana people! Now THAT. That is good music! No screaming, no weird noises and grabbing at themselves. Just good old fashioned guitar and great vocals.

Jorge'! I forgot about him too. Now you know why I have to take notes...

Somewhere in there the Top Idol girls got to perform with Fergie and The Black Eyed Peas. And Adam and Kris were presented with new 2010 Ford Focus Hybrids. I got bored and my kitties were lonely and wanted to come in and snuggle with their new Mama awhile. That whole "not getting attached to them" speech I gave? Out the window. They are just too sweet. I digress...

Rod Stewart! Another favorite - "Maggie" This has been like being at a star packed concert tonight! How fun!

The Final Golden Idol goes to the Outstanding Female. And the winner is Tatiana Del Toro. I'm not sure how, but I had managed to wipe her memory from my mind. She's back like a bad dream. Handsome Prince says "She is like a cockroach - hard to kill" THAT my friends, is why I love this man! He can make me do the "snort laugh" when you least expect it:)

Finally, we have Adam and Kris performing"We are the Champions" with Queen. Wow.

And now, what we really want to know! Who won this thing?? Our American Idol for 2009 is:


He is shocked and doesn't even know what to say. I am screaming and whooping and hollering! I am surprised but SO SO HAPPY!!


And there you have it. Another season for the record books. Tuesday Treats will be back next week. The pressure is on...


scrap fairy said...

Yippee! I WAS a really great show! I thought I'd be fast forwarding left & right to get thru the duets & bad preformances, however I really enjoyed the entire show! Everyone sounded great!
I also had forgotten about Jasmine!
And Yeah for Kris! I relaly think that Adam is very talented and will go far in the business, however I'm so happy to boast Kris is our homestate winner! He's so stinkin cute too!
Loved your Idol recaps for this season!

Lindsay said...

Ok~I'm really missing your blog posts! Are you on strike? :)