Thursday, May 7, 2009

Show us where you live Friday! Living Room Tour

Welcome to our Home!

Kelly started a fun theme last Friday. Each week she is hosting a little linky party touring different rooms in our homes. This week is the Living Room and this sounded like fun to me, so I'm joining the party! I haven't put the Easter Decorations up yet, so you get to see those too! Just keeping it real. HA!!

When you come in the front door, this is looking in to our Living Room from the Entry. I am a big collector of things - art, crystal, Cobalt Blue Glass, Precious Moments. I got this Sofa Table from my parents. A few of my collections are here. I made the floral arrangement on this table.

This is the view from the hallway on the other side of the room. I love my Curio cabinet! It was a gift from Santa a few years ago. Yes, Santa still comes to our house.

View from the Kitchen.

I love antiques, but I don't have as many as I would like. I am very fortunate to have a few very meaningful pieces. This drop leaf table was my Great Grandmother's. Mom and Dad had it refinished and gave it to Larry and I when we were married. Very Special. We got the wonderful rockers at the Amish Store in Branson. That was a funny sight if you saw us hauling them home! Worth every bit of the grumbling I heard too! :)

This table belonged to Larry's sister Deborah. She passed away in 1996. She gave it to us when we were first married and it was used ALOT. It was in sad shape, and one of Larry's brothers likes to refinish furniture so we asked him to see what he could do with it. LOVE what he did with the black and natural pine. We just got it back a few weeks ago and I like how it looks in here.

This old Barrister Desk is a rescue from someones garbage. When Larry was a little boy his Dad found this by the curb and hauled it home. When we got it, it looked like it should go back to the curb. Little bit of love, and this is another one of my favorites. The Chair is a Flea Market find.

Sorry about the glare! Some of my Precious Moments and Cobalt glass. You can't see them, but the Rudolph Collection is on the bottom shelf for safe keeping through the year. I get them out at Christmas so they can be seen.

I really like the window treatments in this room. It's a HUGE window, on the north side of the house. I didn't want to block what little light we get in here, so I did sheers across the window and panels on each end.

SEE? It's dark in here most of the time! I wanted to try and show you how big the window is, but I'm not sure you can tell from this. It runs almost the entire length of the room.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the tour. Hop on over to Kelly's Korner to check out some other beautiful homes. You can click on the link below.

On Monday I will be posting my 100th post! To celebrate I'm doing a giveaway. I hope you'll stop by to check it out!


Pam said...

Nice and homey. You have a gift with floral arrangements.

Kether said...

I like it a lot!
and I really like your rug. Thanks for inviting me =)

scrap fairy said...

Your house always looks so nice & I like how you are constantly rearranging furniture-ours does not move!